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    Cangrejos Bridge Has New Damage

    I went to Puerto Plata this morning, took 10 minutes to get through the bypass.
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    Real Estate Closing Attorney

    Guido Perdomo
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    Blady Beato La Vega

    Bought a Nissan truck from them last year, paid and drove away, pretty easy. 3 months later I had my matricula.
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    Cost for architecture plans

    The going rate on the north coast is US$9-15 a square meter.
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Has the GoFundMe money been used for this trial. Has Easton (aka) Harleysrock, been accountable for the money he collected?
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    Creating a water well on my properties

    Can you please provide the contact information for this person. Thank you.
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    Any DR1er Infected With Coronavirus/Covid-19?

    I know who they
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    Lindsy updates?

    The guy who collected money through GoFund should have some answers. Where is he?
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    Lomas Mironas

    Thanks for the info, Dave.
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    Lomas Mironas

    I am looking for information regarding the non gated area of Lomas Mironas. Any members live in the area? How is the situation for water from Corraplata and electeicity from Edenorte? Are there a lot of problems with home invasion? I know there is a large dog rescue facility close by on El Choco...
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    Beaches are closed again

    This morning the beach next to Playa Dorada was open, this afternoon Cestur was blocking the entrance and said it was closed for 45 days. This is insane, everything else is open but the beaches must be closed. I am not understanding the logic.
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    Vet for dental work

    We have a Chihuahua in need of dental work and need a qualified vet who specializes in this. North Coast or Santiago. Thank you.
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    Villa rental for Feb 2017

    I have a friend looking to rent a 2 bedroom house with a pool for the month of Feb 2017, must be a secure area. Please send me a private message if you have something.
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    Big Thumbs Up To CMC Medical Sosua

    I went to CMC this afternoon with a broken wrist, they had a surgeon there within a half hour and I was in the operating room soon after his arrival. Thanks CMC, you guys are the best!!!
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    Cost of painting a car

    I'm looking to repaint a 2008 Suzuki Jimny. The car has a few small dents that need to be repaired as well and the quote is 30,000 pesos total. Does anyone know if this price is good or a bit high?
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    El Maquey Condo Long Term Rental Wanted

    I'm looking for a long term rental in El Maquey Condos in Perla Marina. If any owners are on this site, please contact me. Wayne
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    The Gardens at Lomas Mironas

    Looking for information about this community. Security, management, etc.
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    Haciendas el Choco land for sale

    8901 sq mtr lot for sale in Haciendas el Choco on the north coast. Take a look at the ad in the real estate section. The lot is priced below market value at US$125,000.00.
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    Condo For Sale In Blue Fish

    A friend has a nice 1 bedroom top floor condo for sale in Blue Fish. Blue Fish is an ocean front complex located in Perla Marina and has it's own security as well as the security from Perla Marina. The condo is priced below market value at $74,900. Have a look at her ad in the real estate section.
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    Expired temporary residency what to do

    What is the procedure if your temporary residency has expired. A friend of mine let hers expire about 6 months ago. Does she have to start the process all over or is there just a renewal and penalty to pay?