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    Screen Printing

    Does anyone one know how to screen print, just wanted a 101 on how to start as a hobby thanks,
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    Anyone from Mayotte or been their??

    Hi, Just need a little info if anyone lived or traveled to the island of Mayotte? thanks for your help
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    CECOMSA Refurbish

    Just confirm a doctor friend of mine here in Santiago purchased a laptop DELL from CECOMSA about 14 months ago for about $65,000. Motherboard went bad and the guarantee expired (1 year), so a letter was written to DELL US, to see if they can help, serial and model number was given, a couple of...
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    Anyone involved in the recycle business

    Just want to see if anyone is involved in the recycling business here in the D.R? Planning to start here a small operation with some Canadians, just want some incite Main idea collecting plastic containers (coke,water, color, no color and shredding for export) thanks
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    Government starts to charge 10% of savings in banks

    It just started, all interest in banks are being fined 10% by the "paquetaso" Start saving in the mattresses folks.
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    Canada Residency Anyone ?

    Has anyone done a Canadian residency from the D.R.? My son who will graduate (Bus. Adm.) in April 2013 wants to move (work) to Canada (I don't blame him, seeing how the economical situation here is getting worst), he is an American citizen. He has checked into an option of a company that charges...
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    Anyone know Nicolas Polanco from Santiago?

    Trying to get in touch with Nicolas Polanco from Santiago, he deals with mainly fabrics from Free Zones and excess supplies thanks for the help
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    Anyone have a Nexus 7 ?

    Just wanted to know if anyone has a Nexus & from Google, need to ask a few questions, thanks
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    Need a China contact

    I am looking for someone to do some leg work for me in China, of course this means YOU live in China. If anyone has some spare time or has a contact ; please let me know thanks
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    Rosacea treatment ?

    Anyone have any luck here in the DR with treatment dealing with Rosacea? flareups? any doctors worth the visit? I live in the Santiago
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    Chinese Visa needed ?

    I am an American citizen and wish to know if I want to visit China or India do I need a Visa?
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    Future Time Headline

    Dominicans really like to make headlines,
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    BHD handing out FAKE $50.00 US bill

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the BHD that is in the 27 febrero, Santiago; took out $300 from my account .... 3 days later when I went to change $ their was a "micky" but after 3 days I know that my case will not hold water, but being how I am I wanted them to at least hear my point. They...
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    Contacts for China, India, South Korea visit

    Looking to get in touch with a contact in the fabric business, textile tops to be more specific. Planning a trip by the end of April to visit China, India & South Korea, to purchase their surplus stock. Anyone has a contact? I have explored the internet; got information but what I was looking...
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    Any one from Williston, North Dakota ?

    Just wanted to know if anyone is from Williston, North Dakota thanks
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    BlindaTech in the D R. God save us

    A new company setup shop in Santo Domingo, their business is retrofitting automobiles to withstand AK47, bombs, you name it the put steroids to withstand the attack. If this is what has become of the DR God save us all; with crime rate on the uprise; pretty soon we will all be in need of their...
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    Superbowl in Santiago

    Looking where to see the Superbowl in Santiago...has to be in english with ALL the commercials...willing to supply nick knacks and snacks:)
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    Looking for a Pizza oven

    Just wanted to get this out their, does anyone know of someone selling a pizza oven? thanks
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    New French Pizza Parlor

    Rumors has it that a french retired restaurant owner is planning to open up a pizza joint; whats different from the competition? Well first off it will be only one size pie [I guess he will serve slices] 26" pies [under $500] Also will be serving Kebab's home made If the pizza $ is in that...
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    BONAO DR1 members

    anyone living in Bonao ?