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    American Restauranteur Murdered in Las Terranas

    A lot of theories and speculations so that you can explain away the main fact, here it is, the guy was killed...! If it was because of this or that somehow you can apply to your circumstances and feel safe, but the main point to take away is, poor safety a security level in DR , not good I am...
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    Trapped in a Bad Apartment

    If a renter break the contract terms and leave early he loses the deposit, I think in some cases can be sued for payment of rents to the end of the contract - read the small prints... Admin won't let the truck to leave because they can't verify what's in it, the owner needs to come and check...
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    Buying a Motorcycle

    They sell them everywhere here in the north coast that I am staying, I'm sure they have them in Santo Domingo, but I don't have a special place to mention, just ask any motoconcho...
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    Buying a Motorcycle

    90% of Dominicans riding motorbikes don't have any driving licence of any kind, and almost all foreigners riding here just show their home car driving licence to the police if stopped (if not in English, better have an international permit IDP), and that is fine - of course legal requirements is...
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    Buying a Motorcycle

    The new model Apache 200cc, in this country the most reasonable option, about U$3500, don't waste you time and money on anything else....
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    Was The Bus Speeding?

    This was just stunt for a movie ...! 😅 How it happened that someone sitting at a window at exact same time and filming it and following the bus with his camera, expecting it to flip on it's side...!?
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    CD Rates in DR?

    Can anyone buy these CD from their own (any) banks if have account there, or need to go to a certain institution or bank to buy them ?
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    Portable Air Conditioner Inquiry

    I had a look at these recently , a 12BTU new in the shop was 35k pesos, not cheap ... Cons are in addition to noise, need to empty their water bucket, not sure how often..., also need to put the hot air hose out of the window, some come with a kit, some not..., efficiency not as good as split...
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    Problems VPN Provider: PIA

    ExpressVPN, been with them a few years now, highly recommended...
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    Help - CPS

    You can ask them to open the box and look inside, Amazon or seller sometimes drop an invoice and include it with the item, maybe there is one and they accept that....!
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    Sand storm coming !

    Did I miss the post about this sand storm coming to DR ! I mean there is no usual panic on DR1 about this one: I have no idea about the source....
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    Question from American Airline one-way ticket tourists from US to DR

    I wonder if anyone recently flown from US to DR (as a "tourist") by American Airlines and had a one-way ticket. Did they question or demanded a return or on-ward ticket !? I did this a few years back and they only checked that I didn't need a visa (that was fine with UK passport), but never...
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    Motorbike model Renegade from United Motors, any experience/opinions

    I have seen quite a few of these coming up with reasonable prices. They are the shape and look that I like, I think comfy sitting position (seat/handles/etc.) and with large and wide tires, I assume they are smooth and pleasant on the road for a longer trips (I really struggle to go 30 minutes...
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    Two spotted Eagle Rays in Sosua bay

    I went snorkling yesterday at the Sosua beach, as usual swam to the center and did a little circle around the coral in the center and back. On the way back, close to the shore, saw two small spotted Eagle Rays, about 1 meter in diameters. (Called "Chucho Pintado" in Spanish.) Quite spectacular...
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    Is the website gone for good !?

    I used to look up their classified section occasionally but it seems it is no longer working, I noticed it stopped working a couple of weeks ago....I wondered if it was a temporary thing or permanent....!?
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    They released a nurse shark in Playa Sosua.... not in the street in the water !!!?

    And I thought all the sharks were on the street (!?), I don't know what to think of this, if you ask me it was a stupid thing to do. I know nurse sharks are not aggressive (although they are known for reacting and biting people), but why the hell would you do this. Your average...
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    Caribbean version of paradise, easy listening from BBC (14 min)

    This was a short talk about the Caribbean paradise that I enjoyed, I thought others might like it too. Nothing special really, just going on about people's view of paradise and association of beaches in the Caribbean with that concept. BBC Radio 4 - Four Thought, Series 4, The Trouble with Paradise
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    Is there a carnival in Puerto Plata this Sunday 2nd Feb ? Any good

    Is there a carnival in Puerto Plata this Sunday 2nd Feb ? Any good. About what time does it get going....
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    Frank Reyes concert, New York Ranch, 28 Dec !?

    I thought I saw some signs on the trees and lamp posts about this on the road to PP, but not sure if it is for this year or there were just left from the last year !? (you never know here !?) If it is this Saturday, does anyone know how much the ticket is and where to buy it (should buy it in...
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    Is the "touristic" road to Santiago (from POP) open ?

    Is this road open and without major issues now ? I recall the locals blocked it a while back as a protests... Also sometime there used to landslides and drop trees that blocked it occasionally, so I wondered if anyone used it recently.... Cheers,