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    Lost Dog - Trying Everything

    And tell the motoconchos at their parada next to the place where it went missing about the missing dog and tell them that you pay a big propina and there will be no problems. Alexander
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    Lost Dog - Trying Everything

    As already recommended here: post a leaflet with a foto on the billboards of local supermarkets along the main road from Puerto Plata to Sabaneta (Playero etc.). The cute chihuahua my family lost was once picked up by a foreign car with domican passengers. Fortunately her mom coud go after the...
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    importing wheels and tires to the DR?

    I am in the tyre recycling and export business. Having personally inspected hundreds of thousands of used tyres almost daily over the last 12 years and can say that the main aging factor is exposure to sunlight. The UV radiation of the sun breaks up the macromolecules of the rubber which leads...
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    Heard more than once that for the graduation the purchase receipts of the law books must be presented. The books must not be read, only purchased. And of course for the admission money is required. So really the only requirement to get started is some money. My observations is that there are...
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    Rod Stewart is coming to Altos de Chavon

    Love his songs too. So sad that he like so many others ruined his lifetime achievement in a second. Would not go to a concert even if getting paid for. Rod Stewart erupts at anti-vaxxers as he brands them as "killers" in savage rant He said: "It makes me angry, especially in America, where...
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    Dominican Police and Facial ID Technology

    Plastic surgery on the the face can only fool one input of biometric recognition and helps only a few more years before they get you. If you ever used googles or apples voice recognition, this companies have a unique voice profile which the are happy to share with the FBI and the corresponding...
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    Inverter and Battery Charging Question

    Sealed AGM are safe to use indoors. Unsealed batteries must be placed outdoors with increased risc of theft. The majority of people are failing to do proper maintenance resulting in shortened product life. If you have to rely on other people to do the maintenance in the DR chances are high they...
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    Prepping Gear

    Crossbows You find the latest and greates on Worldwide shipping The owner, Joerg Sprave, has a youtube channel: Slingshot channel testing and comparing crossbows. My favorite is the Steambow Stinger 2 Compact: small pistol crossbow with 6 bolts magazine: Cheap, small, legal...
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    My prediction is that most major construction projects will be canceled or postponed indefinitely. Reason is the great depression that is already in its early state in Europe and in USA that problably will be worse than the last one a hundred years ago. We see rising inflation that will probably...
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    The Dominican Peso will be 1:1 with the US Dollar Again?

    Because the FED is inflating the dollar by generating ("printing") at a higher rate than the Banco Nacional does with the Peso. Both, Peso and Dollar, loose against Bananas, Big Macs and services, currently the Dollar is loosing faster. Another effect might be that lots of dollars are not being...
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    happy medium with Inverter Air Conditioners

    Not true. It takes time compared to no time at all to reach the temperature when you left again. But the power consumption measured from the time you leave to the time the prior temperature is reached again is lower when switching the system off when you leave. This is true for all periods of...
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    Timberlands shoe factory in Santiago: do they sell to consumers?

    Thank you for the info, not what I wanted to read. Probably somewhere in Asia they do for or even less. Alexander
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    Timberlands shoe factory in Santiago: do they sell to consumers? Shopping for Timberland boots I saw from a label that the model I want is manufactured in Santiago. These boots are pretty expensive online, around 190 USD, so I wonder if it is possible to get them for less...
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    On the subject of "The four day work week and work from Anywhere"

    Tried but did not work for me. Main reason was the very pleasant weather and temperature. Around 2000 did hard core computer programming working >12 hours per day. Invested a lot to work in the DR like bringing hardware, buying inverter, batteries etc. Wanted to write a proposal, but after 30...
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    Bringing mushroom spores to the DR

    I saw mushrooms in the Playro Supermarket in Sosua around the year 2000. I like them for pizza, but the caps must be closed like in this foto:,350 In Playero the caps were...
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    I found This Hard to Believe

    Yes, for poor campesinos it might well be that they never saw a boat in real. In the late 90s I met a 20 year old who claimed that he would learn everything fast. Truck driving for example he learned in only 2 hours driving from Sto. Dgo to La Vega. This trip was the only time he left Sto. Dgo...
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    Euro drop falling against peso ?

    The EU commited suicide. Here in Germany factories shut down in masses, because electricity and gas is 3 to 4 times more xpenive. No factory and industrie that goes out of business will come back. Gas supply from Russia stopped now and if it will restart is not certain. Germany stops all import...
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    Euro drop falling against peso ?

    Dollar and Euro both are contantly loosing value against goods and services like bananas, drugs and nursing. For the moment the Euro is loosing its value faster. It affects me in that I have to send a lot more Euros in order to support my loved ones at the same level. Especially for treatment...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    Against the destruction of what is left from the beauty of nature the barracks. First I did not like them, but always had a good time in them source of income of the poor In short against construction work on the beach cutting trees or removal of the barracks. Think now that there will be no...
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    Excavation on Hill in Sosúa

    The plan shown in the video is a nightmare and crime against nature and society. Everyone living in Sosua and enjoying the beach should participate in all demonstrations against the destruction work. Alexander