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    Any computer geeks? please help

    Not DR related, but I need help. Can anyone please recommend a program to remove spyware? I have installed various softwares to remove it, but it has not worked. The spyware is called "Antivirus XP 2008"...Thank you in advance.
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    Does anyone know where this is?

    Sorry, can't post the pic but here is the link... DSC02159.JPG on Flickr - Photo Sharing! It says Rio Frio, el Mango...stunning lake. Would like to know in which province/municipality is this located...TIA!
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    ?D?nde esta el forista Mirador?

    Haven't seen him around, does any one know why he doesn't post anymore?
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    Can someone please explain to me WTH is wrong w/ Salcedo?

    As many of you know, the ayuntamiento is cutting down on old trees of the city of Santo Domingo. The reason behind this, is that many of the trees seem to be cracking the pavements. I understand that if this is the case and it has put in danger the lives of the people, ok the old trees should...
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    Is DR becoming Multicultural?

    Someone in another forum told me that DR is more accepting of immigrants? Is it true that there immigrants from Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, etc? If so, are they concentrating only in Santo Domingo? I ask because I was reading the newspaper this morning and just realized that we will...