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    PhiBrows Microblading masterclass in Punta Cana April 6/7, 8/9

    If anyone is interested to become a permanent make-up artist please contact me to reserve your spot in this upcoming masterclass with Branko Babic - one of the best in the world in microblading business! MC takes place in Punta Cana in April 6-7, 8-9. 2 days of training and follow up online...
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    Where can i buy a bucket of oysters? I need zinc in my diet

    Does anybody know where these oyster beach guys buy their product from? I dont mind going out of the town but where? Ive heard there is a spot somewhere past nagua but need more info. I eat the oyster and my chickens would eat the shells... And no my husband doesnt like them, he wouldnt even...
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    Need donations of wood, wire mesh etc to make small farm. NC

    :bunny: Ok, i am making an organic mini farm where i want to raise free range chickens, geeze, turkeys etc and i desperately need materials to build fence and shelters for my future farm animals, especially link wire, poles, plywood, chicken wire, barb wire, hangers, big buckets or plastic...
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    Aduanas is charging me 110% tax on a gift i received via UPS

    Long story short, i got the package with declared value of 22 000 rubles (russian currency) which is equals to 24000 pesos or 549$US, it is a military binoculars with night vision (gift from russian military guy to my husband), so it is being held by customs in Santiago and they charge me 28000...
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    Looking for landscape designer with digging team

    I rent an apt which i like but it has ugly space in front that i want to fix and make it a small garden area. I agreed to do it 50/50 with landlord but he is very tight... So budget is not too big. The garden measures approx 6Mx5M. The land has a lot of weeds and a couple of trees that need...
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    Going on cruise for the first time. Advice?

    Me and my friend are first timers in cruise vacations. Leaving in a week from La Romana and going to visit a few carribean islands, my main concern is of what to take to the boat with me? Like is it cold inside, like in carribe tours bus, i am always freezing where they blast AC, is it cold...
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    About school again. Which one would fit my daughter best?

    So i have that very bright girl who WANTS to learn more than she can in collegio Cadin (in Islabon) that she is attending now. She is a best student in her grade with 90-100% all test results. She learned english on her own in 2 years, she is 9 now. speaks 3 languages and wants to learn another...
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    People are interested in a puppy Malinua or GS

    I saw people were looking to buy a puppy and i remember belgiank had them, but i need a phone number to give to those who are interested. He doesnt answer PM. Anyone knows the number? So Malinua or German Shepherd puppy. Thanks!
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    Where can i wrap my car in vinyl?

    I want to change the color of my car and thought wrapping might be cheaper than painting? Correct me if im wrong. Do you know places that do the wrapping on NC? Approx prices? Or where do they do good paint job and have big variety of colors ( looking for pink shades of course)? How much would...
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    Orphaned 2 week old baby horse neglected

    So there is a dominican dude whose horse gave birth and died. He was not taking care of the horse and now the baby horse is sitting in as small enclosure with a pile of trash and rocks. He is sooo skinny and owner feeds him with a cabbage :(. There is no water there no hay and of course no...
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    Dog coughing epidemy or what is it?

    All dogs in our neighborhood on encuentro started caughing :( one after another, choking cough, one has runny nose too. What is that? Adenovirus? Dog grippe? I took my dog to vet, he said she probably licked a poisonous frog, which is not the issue, because she would be dead by now, i shed off...
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    Anyone wants to go to Bavaro today? Leaving at 9-10 am

    I know its kinda late :) but hey, maybe someone needs it. So we have a van and can take 2-3 people more Cabarete-Bavaro. Going back to Cabarete on 27th, so if someone wants to get a ride from Bavaro on that date - send me a PM.
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    Plasma TV stopped working :( Where they fix them?

    So it just does not turn on... I mean we were watching tv, turned it off, then overnight a ghost probably broke it because it would not work today :((( when i click "on" button it just clicks twice and noting else happens. Its Lg plasma 50". Is there any good repair center on the north?
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    Pls recommend Gynecologo on north

    Hello! I feel like i need to see a gynecologo, who can do ultrasound too, and if he/she is an endocrinologo as well would be fabulous! Pls recommend asap, im having pains...
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    How do i get a spot on the beach for my business?

    Hi! So i wanna use like 10 square m. of the beach, i only need that open space and access to electricity. Preferably in Punta Cana/Bavaro where a lot of people hang around. My equipment will be not stationary, i will be bringing it am and taking back pm. How do i get permission or what does it...
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    Need an immigration lawyer (US Green Card for dominican)

    I am wondering if my husband can get Green Card. Situation is that he was brought to US as a child, grew up there, committed a serious crime at the age of 14, was locked up and then deported to DR. All his family remained in US and got their Green card while he was serving his time... He never...
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    Recommend a doctor or clinic where to get tonsils removed

    Hi everyone! I am finally ready to get rid of the tonsils, im on NC, SD is too far from me, cant leave my chameleon home alone, need to feed him live bugs everyday. So do you think la doctora in Burnigal clinic in puerto plata will do a good job or i better look elsewhere? How can i get...
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    Can you recommend a good place/doctor who does botox and other rejuvenating injection

    Im getting old and sun is doing its thing. I am going to SD next week and id like to visit some dermatology clinic and get injections of Botox and fillers. Can you recommend a reliable doc? Thanks
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    Summer Camp for kids. Pls reccomend

    Wanna send my daughter to the camp, it has to be allinclusive and with lots of activities. Could you recommend me some with phone numbers and prices or websites please? Thanks!
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    Where can i buy green coffee en grano :) ?

    So my father is leaving back to Ukraine and he is a coffee maniac, he wants to bring green coffe beans home... Any place or people selling raw not roasted coffee? Thanks