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    SO many excuses

    I am venting - I am sick to death of the excuses of why they cannot work, why they cannot service a client, why they cannot take care of business and get the damn job done. BUT they will whine and complain about the fact that the economy is so tough, that there is no money etc etc. Take...
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    Registering with TSS - firsthand experience

    I took it on, the task of getting the employees registered with the TSS for a new company. First step getting the company all legal. That was done by a law firm - note this is not my company, get your hands on copies of all the documents issued in relation to said new company. No matter what...
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    Citizenship by marriage

    Really a question for Dr. Guzman: I know that if a woman marries a Dominican man she can then apply for citizenship. What happens if the man dies while they are married? Does she retain the right to citizenship? Second question: do you see the law changing any time soon allowing men...
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    I need some help - how do we register a new company who will need to collect and remit ITBIS? We want to learn the process not hire a lawyer to do it for us. Has anyone walked thru the process themselves? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Trujillo Article - 50th anniversary of his death

    Interesting article posted about his life in the Canadian National Post Scott Van Wynsberghe: The monster of the Caribbean | Full Comment | National Post
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    Ede Norte BLOODY HELL

    What is with these people lately???? 3 days this week the electricity is out almost 12 hours. Today it goes at 10 - comes back at 4 - gone again at 4:45. When you call their 24 hours customer service line - BIG JOKE - they tell you it's coming back in 20 minutes. Right. An...
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    WIND Telecom

    I am looking for some first hand feedback on this company. Do they deliver what they say? How is the quality of the product? They offer some packages and services I've not seen before and it may be exactly what we are looking for - BUT not if the quality is not there. Thanks. ;)
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    Leonel in Puerto Plata

    Is it true that Leonel is visiting Puerto Plata today? Just curious if that is the reason we have electricity all day.....;););)
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    More CLARO problems

    What is with this company? Again can't make or receive a call on the North Coast. BUT those stupid "ideas Claro" always seem to come through.IF they put some resources into the service instead of trying to sell us CRAP then maybe they would be taken seriously. Damn they **** me off...
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    Pasola Loncin 150CC

    I need to find some parts for a pasola. No one on the north coast can find them. Ideas? Suggestions? Help.......
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    Unstable Electricity Puerto Plata

    We often have electrical issues here on the north coast. BUT the last week it has been ridiculous. No schedule of outages. Some days it goes 5, 6 or 7 hours then the next day it goes out 3 times in one day for 3 hours at a shot. The website for Ede Norte is out of date. Anyone got...
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    Simple timer for Hot Water

    I am on the north coast, searching for a simple, inexpensive timer for my hot water tank connection. Often I turn on the hot water - in my case I have to literally plug it in - wait 15 minutes and shower. Problem is I forget to turn the damn thing back off by unplugging it. So,I am...
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    Puertol Plata Cable

    I have no idea how these IDIOTS stay in business. Lousy service. A posted website that does not even exist. NO one answers their damn phone lines. Whenever something is on the TV I actually want to watch the damn service goes out. BUT yet they still want you to pay the bill on time...
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    Sub Contractor Rights

    Background - a tradesman has a subcontract with the engineer. Engineer has a contract with a hotel. Tradesman submits invoice to Engineer- engineer invoices hotel. Hotel pays engineer- Engineer DOES NOT PAY Tradesman. What is the legal recourse of the tradesman?
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    Rain & work -

    So what is with this - it is raining so many people don't bother showing up for work!!!!!!!! It drives me batty. I can understand if your house is actually flooded. I can understand if the road is washed out. I cannot understand - well it is raining therefor I cannot go to work! Bloody...
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    FINALLY - new cable box

    After literally months of frustration, multiple trips to multiple bloody offices, we finally have a new cable box in Puerto Plata. Imagine a company changing the system - but not having enough of the bloody new boxes to actually supply their customers. And then imagine they still want you...
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    Private Airline service

    I need to get some people (2) from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata. They don't want to face the 6 or 7 or 8 hour drive. I know I can arrange a helicopter but are there any private planes or services operating? Any leads / contacts / information??? Thanks.
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    House Hunting International

    Has anyone else seen this show on TV? Here in POP it is on channel 27 with the old cable boxes. Premise is they track a person or couple trying to buy a house / apt / condo somewhere ....... Recently they have profiled Punta Cana 3 times in the last 2 weeks! I find it fascinating show...
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    Salary Survey

    I'd like to start a salary survey and need your help. I see these questions often so let's start a thread. Tell me the position and salary in Pesos please of what you either earn per month or what you pay staff per month. Please give me first hand information only so we know that this is...
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    The Secret Tourist - Fun Royale Hotel

    There was a documentary last night on the BBC, The Secret Tourist did a report on the Fun Royale/Fun Tropicale in Playa Dorada. Here is part of what was reported: This hotel featured on BBC Documentary "TheSecret Tourist", where lab tests showed the water pipes were contaminated with...