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    Visa / Permission for Longer Stays

    Anyone get a renewal of the work card that was given out during the regulation plan years back????
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    Romeo Santos???

    So I have herd that the king is giving 15 free shows all over DR in November. Anyone know where or when . Novemberis in 3 days.
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    Clinic for tourists opens in Blue Mall Punta Cana

    Very good thing happy to see this....
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    Regularization plan ????

    Quite a few people on this bord got a residency and ciguler card from this plan. My frinds in Santiago did when i went in i did not i got a 2 year work card. I turned in all the nessary dickuments and paperwork in 3 fold. I have been to the office in santo Domingo and Santiago with no...
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    Black Friday in DR

    I have sean some adds is this for real? Anything like in the USA??
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    Cable Tv

    Any one got any information on a company in Navreaty? It appears to be a local thing, Naviteck?
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    Having a child ????

    Trying to understand the in and out of this if. If I should or should not put my name to the child. I have no Intention of being the child to the USA. And I would like to get insurance for the child medical insurance that is so I do not have to here the baby is sick and give me money. I also...
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    Drugged???? For real???

    Ok my girlfriend and her friend were aproched yesterday by a man and a boy out side of Creaby Express neather one are really clear what happened but both handed over there money and phones and have been in a fog so to speak all day today. I called bill **** . Tomarow thy well go to get video of...
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    fake Facebook

    This game is so wide spread now and i can't believe how meny men are falling into this trap. Men are sending money to people thy think are somone els it may be a girls voice on the phone but look out. It is not what you think.
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    craps ???

    My boss is coming and this is all he plays, i can't find it in Santiago. Can you play this in the DR?
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    no more blue barrels? ???

    Is there any compiney still alowing blue barrel. That ships from northern Florida to DR? The compiney I have used in the past said  I must use boxes. And that is way to much of a pain lots of little boxes. Plus I already got the barrels. 
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    Ventura killed in car crash.

    I was just think that the MLB had not lost a player this year in the DR. Very sad one every year. RIP 
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    Anyone know what kind of fish is " Filete De Basa " is ? *Got if from central.
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    seaborn airlines?

    Any one have any experience with thisairlines?*
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    aster TV

    Anyone know if there is a way to unblock the channel's? I cought a breaf glimps of the Miami and Noter Dame football game on 31Then it was gone. So collage football is avable just blocked. All i get is 5 chanles of soccer no ofence soccer people.* How can I unblock these other chanles?*
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    car stereo question???

    I am a bit confused as to what thy are doing over here. I am understand a car having 4 or 6 speakers and a sub all of which need various watt amps to power them. Nice even sound through out the car. It looks to me what thy are doing over here is just getting a very big amp 1500 2000 watt and...
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    Hi I have tryed to pm you but It well not let me. Pm me if you still want to talk.
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    garinteer for residency?

    I just talked to a lawyer and she said I gan get residency with a garinteer. The garinteer need a certen amount of money in the But she could not tell me a lot more about it. Has anyone gotten residency with the help of a Dominican garinteer?
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    change in law on residence and marriage.

    Mountonanne said I should ask to here from any Dominican people if there is any trust to this. I know in the past that for a man to marry a Dominican women had no real benefit as to get a residents. She said the law changed I have no idea when or even if this is true. If this is true I would...
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    who was offering to look at cars ???

    Someone said thy were a macanick and would check a car befor anyoen bought it to see if it was good. Who was that? Thanks