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    North Coast Crime

    Is it that we focus too much on the north coast? Cause it seems in recent months the NC is not a good place for ex pats to be.
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    Sexual harassment in Dominican schools is 14.2%

    Santo Domingo.? Sexual harassment among students of Dominican public schools stood at 14.2%, according to the "Study of Prevalence, Types and Causes of Violence in Basic and Secondary Schools in the Dominican Republic," published this week. Although such figure is comparatively lower than the...
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    Se incendia el Estadio Cibao

    Se incendia el Estadio Cibao | No seguimos las tendencias, las marcamos Can someone please update
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    Butcher in Santo Domingo

    If someone can help me please. I have some friends that will be in Santo Domingo for 4 months. Can you please help with contact information to a good butcher. If possible their web site.....Thanks in advance.
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    Thank You

    I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the members on the forum. So many of you have been real friends over the years. I have learned so much from the members here. The advise has saved me so much money over the years. It's not just about money saved it's about the friends I have made. We never...
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    The D.R made one fun list

    Huffington Post Reports The 5 Best Clothing-Optional Resorts In The World?|?Thrillist
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    Video and Alarm System

    First I hope that I am posting in the right section, if not MOD's please move to correct section. I need the contact information for a company(A Reliable One....LOL) that installs video cameras and home alarm systems in Santiago. Thanks in advance.
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    Custom Iron Work

    Does anyone have any contact information with a person in Santiago. That can custom build a Iron cage to safeguard a standby generator as well as A/C units and propane tanks?,,,,,,Thanks in advance.
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    Thread hijacking at a all time high

    I read and laugh all day long at how post go from the original posters comment or request of help to Obamacare, The Dominican Government, How things are done in their own countries. You who live in the Dominican Republic need to thank the Government for allowing you to live there. It's a...
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    A Question about food

    Sorry in advance for a possible stupid question , but can anyone advise me where is the best place in Sntiago to buy basic American stuff like Coffee-Mate, Hellmans, Bumble Bee tuna etc....Thanks in advance.
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    For the Chef's

    Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get Culantro also known as Recao in D.R?...Moving soon and I need to know if to bring my own.
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    Tankless Water Heater

    This is for the Santiago area. Can anyone please help me with some information in reference to tankless water heaters. I need a price with installation and a honest person to do the installation. Also if possible the brands to stay away from. Moving to Santiago in about 3 months and I like hot...
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    Advise needed to help a friend

    I need the advise of women here in this forum to help a friend of mine...SKing I need your advise the most because you have lived in America as well as the Dominican Republic......First of I am a male if you cold not figure it out and my friend is a female. Her situation is as follows, she is a...
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    Bridal Shop

    Does anyone know of a bridal shop in the Dominican Republic. We are having a church wedding and i refuse for her to use a rental dress, so I need to find a store on the island. If possible a web site.....Thanks
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    Buying a car

    I will be going to the DR in August to buy my wife a car as a surprise and i need to know what i will need to buy a car. And last thing is it possible for a person from the USA to buy a car there