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    Just got back from DR

    I just got back from my trip to DR, stayed at Maison Gautreaux in Santo Domingo, nice hotel, very friendly staff, and very safe area, I rented an SUV from La Frontera Rent Car a Mitsubishi Nativa for 4 days @ $60 USD per day, I did a LOT of driving in DR, went to Sosua Beach, Cofresi (Ocean...
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    Major Leage Team From Santo Domingo???

    Do any of you guys Think that Dominican Republic can have a Major Leage baseball Team like our friends in Canada with the Blue Jays??????????
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    La Avenida Duarte

    Does anybody knows if La Avenida Duarte renovation project was complete, along with the Chinatown Dominicano?????
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    Good Area

    Is Los Jardines Metropolitanos in Santiago a good area??????
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    Thank you DR1!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, all for your imput in my Thread title "LEARN FROM ME" it was the first piece of marketing for my new film.
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    Learn From ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a story, that most of you won't belive (I am Dominican), I met a woman in 2005 at a resort in DR, she was a Dominican born but a US citizen; like me she was down there in vacations with her family while there we met and went out to dinner she seen very smart and like she had it all...
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    What Bachata has became..

    Merengue before the Trujillo Era was consider a poor low class people music, but after Trujillo took power in 1930 the music took off and more people got to like it, maybe because Trujillo like it and had a band name after him since he was El Jefe (The Boss) people had to like it dance it the...
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    Way to fix electricity problem

    If I get my info. correct the power problem is due to the fact that a lot of people in poor areas don't pay their electrical bill. So, I think the power companies should on this areas try Pre-Pay Power Meters. Just like phone companies do with Cell phones.
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    what's your opinion?????

    Does anyone here think that a Dominican that was raise and educated in the United States would do a good jod in DR as a politician??? (Senador or Diputado), looking at what our current presidente is doing in his goverment?? And if so do you think people would vote for him/her????
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    Sankie Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone here know about this new Dominican comedy about to came out, lol!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Luxury Rental Car??????

    I saw onces, that in Santiago you can rent an BMW X5 for 200.00 dollars a day, can anyone give me the name and number of the rental car place?
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    New Goverment

    Does anyone here thinks that DR will be better off with a goverment like we had when Trujillo was in power?????? Name good and bad reason............
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    Santo Domingo living

    Can anyone tell me what's better Ensanche Naco, Urbanizacion Fernandez, Cacicasgos, Ensanche Piantini or Evaristo Morales????? looking to move to SD in March 2007.
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    Just got a job offer in DR......

    I am a U.S cityzen living right now in the state of Massachusetts, and I just been hire by a company down in DR to work full time in the finance field, I was born in DR but raise in the United States by my father, I recently divorce my wife of 7 years and I am ready to make a move, but not sure...