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    Open Resorts In Playa Dorada

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the info. Hoping to get to our favorite vacation destination in the near future. Is Fun Royale-Fun Tropicale still Sorry for the laaate reply. Thanks for the info. We are hoping to get back to our favorite vacation destination in the near future. BTW, is Fun...
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    Blue Mall Puerto Plata

    So this shopping center will be in direct competition with the shops that might be left in the Playa Dorada plaza? Is the plaza still open?
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    Open Resorts In Playa Dorada

    I am wondering which resorts are still open in Playa Dorada? With all of the news stating that the DR is once again a Go To destination, I am hoping Playa Dorada will once again be at the top of vacationer's lists.
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    Would Like To Locate A Friend

    a friend from the past. Years ago when we traveled to Playa Dorada, and stayed at Fun Royale-Tropicale, we were able to make friends with many of our hotel staff. One of them was a gentleman named David Sanchez. Unfortunately FR-T closed in 2011, and we have lost our contact information for...
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    Hotels Open In Playa Dorada

    It's been 4 years since we last were in Playa Dorada. At that time, the hotels were suffering quite badly. I am curious to know just how many PD hotels are still open for business. We were so sorry that the staff at our AI hotel was being fired because the hotel was closing. They really had to...
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    Labor issues & possible closing @ fun royale

    Has anyone heard anything about what is happening @ FR-T? We were there in Feb and moved to Puerto Plata Village (w/o our consent). The owners of FR-T did not treat all transfers equally, some were give FREE AI, while others were charged the fee. How is this fair???? Some were moved to Celuisma...
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    Round Robin Schedule

    Sometime this past week, there was a link on DR1 about the upcoming round robin baseball schedule. For whatever reason, I did not keep it. If anyone has that link, I would appreciate you posting it here or em/pm me if you wish. I would like to be able to keep up with EVERYONE'S favorite team...
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    Baseball Anyone???

    Those of you that are trying to decide, "What can I do to help?", I have another great idea. I know that I have posted for Fundacion Patria, and they certainly need our help, but I know of another group that needs us as well. SR. David Sanchez, bellman at Fun Royale/Tropicale (located in Playa...
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    Great AA fares

    If you can travel to the DR during the dates of 1/19-1/26, you can find some great fares from American Airlines. The have a Net Saver special for travel to the DR from MIA and San Juan. Go to the AA site, click on fare sales, scroll down to International fares for next week, and see what fits...
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    Giving Back To The Homeland

    I just came across this forum, and after reading a few threads, I needed to pose this question to the Dominicans Abroad. Are any of you currently active in trying to assist the school children back in the DR? Would any of you be interested in giving your time to promote the various programs...
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    Help The Schools Via Fundacion Patria

    In an earlier posting, I spoke about Doing the Right Things for Kids. In that posting I spoke about the organization, Fundacion Patria, which is the local group that is working for the children in the Puerto Plata area. I now have a web site that you can go to if you want more information or if...
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    Do the Right Thing for Kids

    As I had promised in my earlier posting in the Trip Reports area, I want to share information with you about doing the right thing for the Dominican school kids. Most of you by now are aware of the Dream Project. This great program is set up to help school kids in the Cabarete area. I have just...
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    Another Fabulous Trip

    My wife and I just returned to the land of snow and ice on Feb. 14th. We spent 3 glorious weeks at Fun Tropicale in Playa Dorada. As always, our trip was fantastic. The Dominican people are such wonderful individuals. Their loving, caring attitude makes the trip so worthwhile. I had two unique...
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    Grahame Bush aka Bush Baby

    What has happened to Grahame. I have not seen any posts from him lately. Am I missing something?
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    Beach Location

    As I was going through some of the links on the DR1 page, I clicked on link that had photos of various beach locations. There was a shot of someplace called Las Piscinas, that looked awesome. Where is Las Piscinas? I have only stayed in the Playa Dorada area. Thanks for all replies.
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    Restaurant info

    I come to you again with a question. I am wanting to take my wife to a romantic restaurant in Sosua on Valentines Day. I have seen the ad for On The Waterfront restaurant, but have also heard of a place called La Puntilla de Piergiorgio. Are they two different places? Is one more preferred than...
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    Out and about

    I need to get an opinion re: safety in Puerto Plata. I would like to go into POP to visit Cafe Cito, Anna's, etc. My wife is not that excited to go because of possible safety issues. When we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, safety was not a concern for her. She had heard from frequent visitors...
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    Current green fees

    Mywife and I will be returning to our favorite location in POP in Feb. '02. I was wondering if anyone had info re: current green fees at the Club de Golf in Playa Dorada? I would also appreciate any input as to what is an acceptable amount to tip the caddies. Does anyone have the names of...