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    Best Business in the DR

    Such as Black beards Bizz model !
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    Long Term Rental Rates - OMG!

    For sure Good luck finding an Apartment in sosua for Dec Jan Feb March for $600 most of the short term Apartments booked or sold out Probably be a big reset next slow season with the stock market going down and world wide energy prices skyrocketing !
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    DR Nights and Playboy Vacation in the News!

    AnVhee still in action!
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    100 % true un till economic conditions improve wages social programs and a new law banning prostitution,, redoing the beach wont end the problem chicas will just shift operations else where
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    PCR test Sosua/Cabarete

    Got a test at labitorio clinico last sunday ,rapid test for 24 hour test pre flight results in 2 hours,, there located in a small plaza past Bailies ,near the bank ! Sosua
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    PCR test Sosua/Cabarete

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    Cancelled Flights

    Funny im headed down to POP Jan 2. from Boston hope they dont cancel Check for Flight staus flight aware or you can download united app to your fone for updates
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    Time To Move The Bars And Girls From Pedro Clisante

    Ok a few points,,Ok they want to redo the beach like Aruba big hotel resort and 2 pavilions at each end Ok Now Pedro cillante,, looks like a misfit lane with 3 chinese junk stores and a shell of its former self are the developers going to by every single property and the remaining bars...