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    Quick ques about DR vs US employment

    Hi all, I've been living here in the DR working remotely for a US based company as a 1099 worker. I get paid in US dollars to my US account. My employer just found out that I now need to be a W2 worker because my duties as a 1099 do not fit the requirements. But they cannot pay me as a w2...
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    Bahamas & Turks and Caicos deporting Haitians

    Not sure if this has been posted and if this is the best place to put it but the NY Times wrote a piece on the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos having similar issues with Haitian migration. I feel very bad about the situation in Haiti and understand 100% their reasons for fleeing legally or not but...
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    Government supporting small businesses

    I know this type of information doesn't benefit most of you but it would be great if you can pass this information along to entrepreneurs you may the local bakery who doesn't know she can sell to local schools or the shoemaker who can make shoes for nurses in DR public hospitals or a...
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    Best Doctors - Central-Cibao area

    Hi All, I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking for people's opinion on the best pediatrician in Santiago/La Vega/Jarabacoa area. About 2 or 3 people agreed that Dr. Robinson Abreu was the best. I'd like to know the doctor's you feel are the best in the specialties below within this area as...
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    Job Fair in Santiago for the Cibao area

    They will be looking for people who speak English, French, or Portuguese. The information on the fair starts at 20 minutes into the video:
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    US Tax experts for Foreigners wroking/earning income in the DR

    As some of you may know, I will be moving to the DR in less than a month. :bunny: I will be working for a US company (been working there for 5 yrs). At first I was going to be a 1099 and now it turns out I will still be a W2 and it's better for tax purposes. Anyway, I've asked around and googled...
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    Best Pedriatician within Jarabacoa/La Vega/Santiago area

    Hi All, I will be moving to the DR within a month and my daughter will be 2 months old at that time. I wanted a recommendation of the very best possible pediatrician in this area. With that said, I've noticed these type of questions come up a lot on the forum (best cardiologist, gastro...
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    Another example of terrible reporting

    I've seen this at least twice before. Reporters sent to Boca Chica to report their experiences and write as if it's an example of every beach in the country. Granted the DR has its issues but Boca Chica is the busiest beach in the country and the most corrupt. Reporters should at least be more...
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    The Economist: A Popular President

    What are your thoughts so far on Danilo? The Dominican Republic: A popular president | The Economist
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    Best way to wire money from the US to the DR

    Hi All, I will be moving to the DR soon. My job is allowing me to work from home and so I will still be making a US income and have my salary deposited to a US account. I will for sure have tons of questions. The one I have now is: what is the best way to wire money each month to a DR account...
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    Best health insurance in the DR

    Hi all, As the date approaches I'm going to have more questions about living in the DR. My wife is currently pregnant and it looks like because of the sale of our home, we may have to move sooner than anticipated. Questions: 1. what is the best health insurance to have in your opinion? I'm...
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    How many foreigners in the DR?

    Hi, Out of curiousity, I was just wondering if anyone knew a website that states how many expats/foreigners are living in the DR (approx)? ie. Haitians, Americans, Colombians, Cubans, Brits, Canes, etc. Thanks!
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    Internships in DR

    Hey everyone, I posted this info in a trip report thread but I figure I'd do it here too since it makes more sense. If anyone is interested in getting an internship in the DR, this is definately worth checking out: Global Foundation for Democracy and Development - GFDD Speak to Alicia...
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    Dominican Diaspora

    Here's an interesting article on Dominicans doing business in Florida: Dominicans in Florida find Mexican cuisine is profitable Haines City, Florida.? Mexicans are the largest Hispanic group living in Haines City, but when it comes to food, a large percentage of them are turning to...
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    DR promocional video

    Thought some of you might appreciate this; especially those who have not visited. Republica Dominicana...Inagotable (inexhaustable): YouTube - Republica Dominicana Enjoy!
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    US Military Base in the DR

    DR1 News - What do you guys think are the pros and cons here??? how will this change the DR if at all?
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    How are the curfews?

    Just wondering, is there a new air of confidence in DR when it comes to safety? Is the alcohol curfew still very much in effect? are the police patrols still very much in effect? or has all this calmed down? how about the noise pollution regulations? Do you/people feel more at ease? do they...
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    The Democratic Revolution

    I know there are a lot of cynics on this board who love to hilight the evils of dominican politics/politicians/government---and much of it is understood. I am not one to praise politicians much, but I have never felt more proud and more confident in the DR than I do now. I truly beleive that...
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    Carribbean's Largest Resort - AtlanticA

    I guess it will start after all...
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    prd prez candidate

    This is the same guy who's involved with Spain's Marbella scandal... he doesn't even want to talk about it to the press....but he seems to think he would be a good learder. is he kidding w/ this crap???: