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    New Dominican Beer: República La Tuya

    If it has refermentation in the bottle yes, otherwise no. They sell beers that have aged 10 - 20 years, just like wines, but not with the pilseners, but with the stronger beers. With the refermantation, some beers almost taste like wines after a few years. It is said that if you age a beer with...
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    New Dominican Beer: República La Tuya

    Presidente is AB Inbev for years, La Republica Tuya is is from the Damm group (spanish brewery). It is just like the beers 809, Barcelo beer etc that came out the last couple of years, they brew it in another country and sell it here, but mostly in liqor markets, not in bars. , but untill now...
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    I zouldn't say the end of nightlife. If you now go (especially in the weekends) tot 16 (Charly and Chalos), Luxury, Latin Disco, Miami, Acapela, Bohemias, Mescla, Rooftop etc, it is full and it is party-time. But I understand what you are trying to say, not the nightlife where gringo's go and...
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    Shout Out to the Voramar

    It is run by a Dutch (from the Netherlands). But for the rest you are right, great hotel, great food, excellent service etc. Love it.
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    Neighborhoods in Sosúa / Puerto Plata

    In Puerto Plata: Torre Alta, Don Armando and everything close to those (up the mountain). And in the city: Jardines del Atlantico.
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    Because it never happened before? ..... forgot about Long Beach Puerto Plata?..... When I first heard about the rumors about Sosua Beach and people telling me it would never happen, I immidiately told them that they also said that about Long Beach and one day the bulldozers came and all business...
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    Blue Mall Puerto Plata

    For people who don't know it: there is a theatre in Puerto Plata (normal theatre, not movie theatre) and they sometimes have Dominican stand up comedians doing a show. You can see it on their facebookpage
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    Recommendation for North Coast hotel

    If it has to be one of those 4, I would always go for Gran Ventana
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    Open Resorts In Playa Dorada

    From the hotels: Emotions is open, Gran Ventana, Sunscape, Viva Windham, Blue Bay, Casa Colonial. I think Gran Paradise is still closed because somebody else bought that and they are remoddeling. And I have no clue if Atmosphere is open again. And The others are appartments, so there are always...
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    Beach Recommendation Puerto Plata

    Jep, Pueblito is open. Always a nice time there, especially in le petit francois, always great food and great service. And really good prices
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    Puerto Plata, further open to tourism: over 70% of its population is vaccinated

    Today they announced that from next monday the curfew will be gone for the whole country.
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    Royal Caribbean cruises launches Puerto Plata as new destination

    I don't know in playa Alicia or other places in Sosua, but in Puerto Plata a lot of people said the same (because most of the cruise ship tourists take excursions or day passes in all ins in playa dorada and the ones that go out and take a taxi to the city, don't go to my bar or to a lot of...
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    Uber finally good to go on the north coast?

    My daughter uses Uber all the time the last 3 years (in Puerto Plata), never had any complaint. Mind you it was always for short rides (in pop itself or just outside pop). I heard stories from people who wanted to take an uber from pop to santiago/santo domingo and when the driver came, he...
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    First Place You Visited In DR

    I fell in love with a Dominican women who was living in Belgium for years and years (she even had the Belgian nationality when I met here), so when we got together, we went to the Dominican Republic to visit her parents who lived in Puerto Plata, so the first place I visited was Puerto Plata...
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    Real estate market is booming on the north coast

    Goh, I really don't remember. I have to ask them. But they rent mostly to tourists (for a couple weeks everytime). I know I was surprised how much they charge. I'll check it tomorrow (if I can contact him)
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    Real estate market is booming on the north coast

    Indeed, my brother in law has around 16 appartements in Puerto Plata, all newly build, with swimming pool, etc, so not cheap to rent, but he has no problem filling them up for the moment. And they are building more. Now they are going to build new ones behind Montemar, with 3 swimming pools and...
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    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    Mares and Papillon, the 2 best restaurants in Puerto Plata (to be correct: Papillon is in Cofresi). If you want a lower price class: Odisea (the old kilometer Zero) and La Locanda (both in the Luis Ginebra) I like a lot also.
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    Best places to stay in Puerta Plata.

    If you like class and the price doesn't matter: Casa Colonial. If you want an AI: I like Emotions and Iberostar. A cheap AI that is also ok is Gran Paradise, but I hear that that is closed for renovations. The other ones I zould not recommend (Lifestyle only if you are a member, then it is...
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    Best places to stay in Puerta Plata.

    In PP itself there is no beach?? Ok, let's forget about Cosita Rica, Long Beach, Camacho,.... lol
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    England - Croatia in Puerto Plata

    Hey all, I just want to let you know that if there are football fans in Puerto Plata, you can watch your country play in the European Cup in Tropical Bar on the Malecon (cassetta 3). We will show the games of Belgium, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria. Always a lot of fun...