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    Best Acupuncture

    Actually I dont have grounds for comparison here in DR, but I did want to alert people to the existence of an acupuncture center in Gazcue, St Domingo that is really really quite good -- and I base my estimate on a comparison with the acupuncture, also quite good, that I enjoyed when I was...
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    The Contradictions of Living in a Developing Nation

    Something different for a change, not practical but philosophical: The Contradictions of Life in a Developing Nation: Where the state cannot guarantee the safety of its citizenry, so everyone goes about armed, a people at war with itself. Where education is in such low esteem that the poor...
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    On Non Immigrant Visas and the American Consulate's Bad Faith

    I dont wish to use this forum to voice personal gripes, but my recent experience with the American consulate goes beyond the personal and ought to be reviewed by any American citizen with a conscience. Below here I reproduce an editorial I have sent to various media outlets, which is a slightly...
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    Best Coffee in St Domingo, the Capital

    La Tacita, corner of Barahona and Av. San Martin. La Cafetera, el Conde, between 19 de Marzo and Duarte, I believe. Both grind the coffee beans to your taste, fine for expresso machines , or less so for percolators. a bit more expensive, around 75 pesos a pound but well worth it. Italians...
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    Best Sushi in the Capital: AKA

    Just had to send off this rave for Aka, which forms part of a network of restaurants and stores bearing the name "Red." Aka can be found over on the corner of Lope de Vega and Max Henriquez Ure?a. Tel. 809 338 0999. This place is world class, and without any doubt the best sushi available...
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    Best Pet Store?

    Best in the capital that is. I have a bunch to choose from here on Mella and thereabouts, but they are not very good stores. I was wondering if anyone knows of a store that really carries everything, or at least the best quality food and other supplies. I am having trouble finding a shoulder...
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    Two Films on DR at Symphony Space NYC

    WHERE : Peter Norton Symphony Space Peter Jay Sharp Theatre (PJST) Leonard Nimoy Thalia (LNT) 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York, NY 10025-6990 Tel: 212.864.5400 Fax: 212.932.3228 WHEN: TUESDAY MAY 29 2007 at 6 P.M. WHY: To see two of my documentary films (BACHATA Musica del Pueblo and...
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    a note about ATM malfunctions

    Dont know if anyone has had this befall them,but twice now in the space of a week I have had faulty transactions at Banco Popular atms. One at the branch on Boiivar just by Pasteur, and another at the ATM inside La Sirena over on La Mella. All these years I have withdrawn money here, i never...
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    Another Thief in the Night

    Yep, we were hit last night by a particularly nimble ( and very thin) thief who got up onto our fourth floor balcony by entering the building (I know, poor security here) squeezing through an impossibly small crevice (made so in order prevent just this sort ofthing happening), swinging round...
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    El T?guere Dominicano: on Youtube

    Check it out: this is a great little video of a guy defining the Tiguere as a social type. Not only does he hit the nail on the head, it is really funny. Excellent bit of dominicana. Check it out HERE.
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    Poverty, Culture, and Conspicuous Consumption

    The recent news summary from made mention of a particularly good blog written by Federico Martinez, a business consultant who likes to comment on socioeconomic issues. The blog is called Tomando en cuento. For those of you who read Spanish I highly recommend it. Anyway, he commented...
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    Vigilante Justice: the victim this time an American

    Folks, just heard about this. Here is the press release: AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER VICTIM OF CIVILIAN AND POLICE BRUTALITY IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC John Paul Gallagher, an independent photographer from Connecticut was brutally assaulted by two civilian men, while a mob of more than 20 people...
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    To Cuba by Boat

    Let me rephrase that title and maybe call attention to it more readily. Anyone ever gone by boat from DR to Cuba? Know anything about it? Any charters, anything?
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    Boat trip from NOrth Coast to Cuba

    Anyone ever done this? Know of anyone who has a boat who makes this trip?
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    recommendations for Acupuncturists in the Capital and nr Puerto Plata

    Asking for both myself and a friend up north. I see that AZB back in 2003 recommended a doctor in Santiago, and I have sent the data to my friend, but I was wondering if anyone has discovered any sources more recently. With the huge influx of people from Taiwan there are bound to be some good...
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    "Film" about Dominican Syncretic Religions on the web

    Dont know where to put this really, but I thought that the membership might be interested to see a little film, or what we in the business call a "multimedia story" for the web: they are basically movies made from still images (a la Ken Burns) using today's software for streaming over the web...
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    New Blog

    I am taking a cue from Maine Girl and Chirimoya and posting this thread to announce my new blog, which can be found here. I hope this is the right place for it. I wont be posting updates, just wanted to make a general announcement. The blog will deal with a variety of dominican topics, and...
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    Learning Spanish? Write a Blog

    Believe it or not, if you have been speaking Spanish here for a while and have mastered some of the basic conversational forms, maybe it is time to consider writing a blog, if you go in for that sort of thing. I have found that reading the papers and then graduating to novels and poetry was...
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    The clave rhythm in salsa music.

    should I get into Gag? instrumentation? Let's put that aside for the moment. But we should mention the "palos" (the word often refers to the musical genre but specifically the drums used in what I like to call the "rhythms of the saints.") Also in Argentina the tango is played not with an...
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    use of preterit and imperfect vis a vis 3 verbs

    The rules for determining when to use the preterit (simple past) and the imperfect (continuous past) are fairly clear, though it takes time to master them: The imperfect describes a past action without clear temporal boundaries, an unfinished or ongoing action: estaba leyendo el libro cuando mi...