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    Amable Aristy vs. Leonel

    DR1 news tells us that Amable is gaining ground on the PLD. Inside scoop, anybody? What say you, Mirador? HB? Chiri? The Kid honestly wants to know.
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    Hurricane David and the Pope

    There are folks who believe that Hurricane David was a punishment from "above" because of the Pope's visit that year. I ain't making that up, and no one will find in Wikipedia (not even Nals), but I talk to people and ask lots of questions, and that's what some have told me. Now, as a...
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    Antony Santos and my huge ego

    "I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well." And with that declaration from the "Economy" section of Walden, Henry David Thoreau answered some of his critics 150 years ago. Of Joe Morgan, the Big Red Machine spark plug of the mid-70s, it was said...
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    Castro wins in DR in 2012

    "What kind of crap is SOTN talking about now? I'm exhausted." Amable Aristi Castro will easily win the presidential elections of 2012. Aristi will assume the leadership of the PRSC in 2007 and lose in the '08 elections. However, after four more years of lo mismo, whether the PLD continues in...
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    Quick! Before it gets deleted

    YouTube - Will Ferrell - Land Lord
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    DR residents

    Moderator, if you feel this is not DR-related, please do not hesitate to close it and/or delete it. Thanks. As two of you know, The Kid has been thinking about returning home to be with friends and family, although not for at least a year. Here's the deal: I've read about ordering books and...
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    What are you listening to, DR1ers?

    Second time around, DR1ers: What's keeping you in a good mood lately? The Kid has been listening to Amy Winehouse lately. How 'bout you?
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    What are you reading?

    A few years ago, someone posted the question: What are DR1ers reading? From the responses, The Kid picked up some reading ideas, and here's hoping he can do the same again. What are you reading, DR1ers? -The Kid
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    NY Yankees joke

    Jack and Jill went up the hill for a little hanky-panky Jill came back with a sore back - Jack must've been a Yankee
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    Coolest KID EVER!

    Okay, before you people (you know who you are) start asking what's a 2-year-old doing up so late, thus blaming his "bad" parents, engage your imagination. (liberals, you're okay, just go straight to the link, the points below are for black/white thinkers and gun owners and type-A...
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    Biggest lies EVER... ?

    These aren't jokes but stories I've heard from an ex-coworker: 1. He was pumping gas once and stepped on a beetle, but the insect was dragging him away; took the insect home and placed it next to an old-style cash register with heavy wooden base, and it was pushing the register off the table...
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    Geography and War

    If Russia invades Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?
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    If Falwell's body is cremated...

    ...he'll meet his baker
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    Adivinanzas dominicanas for Chip00

    Entre pe?a y pe?a, periquito sue?a
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    The Kid's out of the closet

    This past December, The Kid outed himself to some friends and family members in the DR. Yes, that's right: born and bred en la tierra "santa" de Higuey, The Kid is now a militant atheist. And I have a question for long-term DR residents: Do you know of any atheist organizations in the DR...
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    Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays to you all, including those of you who incurred my wrath over the past few months (miguel, cobraboy, Nals, T-Bill). Lambada, I am sorry I never sent that article back to you. I'm still a fan. -Joseito
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    The Cardinal is at it again

    And this time he's voicing his displeasure with a US Congress delegation traveling to the DR to observe working conditions in the bateyes and to discuss the pros and cons of US-DR free trade treaties. He's saying the US does not have the moral authority for such things. From now on, nothing...
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    Question for Chiri, maco, cobraboy, Lambada and all

    I've found a new obsession which will require lots of reading. But being a slow reader, I don't have much time. The question is this: have you taken speed-reading courses? And if so, did they help? Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer self-help books, and comments from readers are usually...
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    Soriano is a cachorro.
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    I can't believe what I just read!

    The shortest Dominican ever to become a museum piece. Please say it isn't so. Que paisito nos gastamos!