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    Dennis Grubbs - DennyDee Missing ??

    Does anyone know what happened to Dennis Grubbs? Dennis who goes by dennydee on DR1 lives in Santo Domingo and used to work for Brent Lewis at Perla de Sosua has disappeared and is not responding to my emails which is highly unusual. Dennis was selling websites and I saw him 6 weeks ago had...
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    Nice Hotel With Hard Wire Internet Needed - NO WIFI

    Anyone know of a good Hotel in Santo Domingo with hard wire internet so I can make phone calls as wifi is not good for VOIP. The Hilton and Marriott on the Malecon both have hard wire but I also wanted a balcony or the ability to open some windows but both of these Hotels have the windows...
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    Real Gyros Now Available In Cabarete

    Gorditos Fresh Mex hits another home run! They just opened a new restaurant next door to Gorditos in Cabarate called Flip Flops and they have real Gyros. You can see the giant cone of Beef and Lamb turning on the stand as it is cooked and then sliced and served with Tzatziki sauce and a warm...
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    Remove my ad please

    I have an ad on DR1 in the real estate section and can't log in to delete it and no response from the DR1 webmaster. My ad is P-553 please delete it
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    Getting Driver License In DR Is Easy

    I don't speak any Spanish and finally got my Dominican Driver license. Apparently everyone has to take the test now as there is no more paying bribes allowed as the test is on a computer and the results go santo Domingo ( apparently ) At the drivers license bureau in POP they will take you to...
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    De Lancer problems With NBC Sunday Night Football

    This is the second week that Delancer has no picture on the NBC channel. I have voice but no sound. I pay for NFL Sunday ticket through Sky Satellite but they don't show the games that are televised Sunday or Monday night. Any free live streaming sites that are safe to use would be...
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    Music Festival Cabarete Sept 27/28

    There is an ad in " La Playa " Magazine promoting a 2 day music fest this weekend with several performers. The following is a link to the website Here is part of the ad but was wondering if you have to pay to drop by and listen for an hour or so without buying a...
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    Las Terrenas / Samana Restaurant Suggestions

    I am planning a weekend trip to Las Terrenas and Samana and was wondering if anyone has any recent experiences. There is a Fishermans village in LT I believe but read that it burned down and were rebuilding. I will be staying at the Bannister and will have dinner there and lunch at Cayo...
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    Waterfront House In Sosua Sells For $2k U.S.

    Two weeks ago I purchased a 2 bedroom house for $90k RD which is about $2100 U.S. The property comes with an additional lot as well to either extend the house or build something else. I needed to invest about $1000 to install a hot water heater, new stove, television and some electrical work...
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    Trade Garbage For Pigs?in Sosua

    Last July I hired a local women to assist me because of health reasons and six months later I can walk again. Thank God and Lydia. When she first starting working I learned someone had given her a small pig she could raise and sell when it was big enough. 2 months ago I asked if she wanted...
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    Fees For Executing A Will

    I was quoted a price of $400 to write and execute a Will by an Attorney in Sosua but now she wants $700 which I won't pay beacause of the difference. I would pay another attorney $400 if someone could recommend one or I was told I could provide a hand written will for $100. Any suggestions on...
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    Computer Store in Sosua

    Does anyone have Raymonds phone # or the phone number for the computer store behind Baily's in Sosua?
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    Sosua Resident Murdered and Chopped Into Pieces

    A German Nationals body parts were discovered in a 45 gallon drum on his property today. He was rotting for approximately 30 days. I wondered why it was so quiet in this part of town. He will be missed... R.I.P. Who sold his jackhammer ?.....
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    Home Health Aid - Sosua

    I posted an ad in the Classified section on DR1 if anyone is intereted or can refer me to someone.
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    Is Brittania Bar in Sosua still open

    I tried ordering somne food today and they did not answer the phone so I sent someone to pick up a caesar salad and the place was clo0sed. They are normally closed on Monday and this is Tuesday. Anyone know what's going on ( Ken) ?
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    Where to buy used golf cart in Sosua

    Does anyone have the phone number for the person who sells the used golf carts in Sosua? Thanks
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    Spectacular Accident Incident In Sosua Today !

    A Moto concho was driving too fast down the street going towards little Playero and and ignored the stop sign and he was T-Boned by an SUV. The Moto driver was thrown off the bike and he did a flip and landed on his feet with no visible injures but the bike will need a lot of repair. Lots of...
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    Neighbor In Sosua With A Jack Hammer....Help !

    Does anyone have the Mayor's number in Sosua to call and stop this noise I live behind Banco Popular next to Blue Bayou which is next to this ( cement structure ) The Owner has several complaints for noise and he has no Building Permits.
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    Address in Puerto Plata for Drivers licence

    Now that my residency is approved I want to get a valid DL here in the DR. All info including address, phone number, answers to the test, name of number of hombre that takes the test for you etc Thanks
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    St. Patricks Day Parade in Cabarette This Sunday

    Every year on March 17 there is a parade on Cabarette beach which starts at 2 pm and the crowd follows to a huge event which includes Irish dancers, Irish bands and more.