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  1. chrisrose97

    The Rent is too Damn High

    Anything that happens in the US or to the US has a direct effect to DR. BTW all those people in the posts are DEAD republicans and actually both parties should be pictured. Socialism doesnt work. and the people in US power NOW want to unify the the DR and Haiti into one single nation, and...
  2. chrisrose97

    Airplane Crash Near Las Américas

    We may never see the real transcripts due to high level officials covering their butts. If all the warnings would have been heeded and the dominican aviation offcials actually did something( they didnt because they are all goverment hacks), we wouldnt have this accident today. Any body whistle...
  3. chrisrose97

    Wuhan Lab Most likely Source of CV19

    I've been popping bubble wrap this whole time, and I'm still here!
  4. chrisrose97

    Airplane Crash Near Las Américas

    I supposed they declared an emergency and then Any airport should stop all operations and clear the runways immediately. If I were the pilot, I would have landed ANYWAY if there way no traffic on runway. What are the authorities going to do? Arrest me??
  5. chrisrose97

    Airplane Crash Near Las Américas

    1996, , that was a real commercial flight. But Helidosa has had 2 Helicopter crashes one in 2006 and another more recently. Unacceptable.
  6. chrisrose97

    Shipping a Car back to the USA...shipper?

    Sell Car in the DR, buy better ride stateside!!!
  7. chrisrose97

    It’s a fence, not a wall, says Migration director

    "It's a fence, not a wall" Here we go again with being politically correct. Without a wall we have no country. Its funny how the people who are against building a wall usually live in a house with huge walls! He should Build a real Wall along the border towns and let natural barriers do the...
  8. chrisrose97

    The course of true love....

    My question is........How did that fokin viejo get a gun??? I think the old fool had it planned out...Sicko...So sorry for the girl, she didnt have to pay the ultimate price, no matter how much money the fool sent her, nobody put a gun to his head to send, the parents, thats...
  9. chrisrose97

    Major companies back Santiago development, in spite of the pandemic

    Abel cleaned up Santiago and put order to the chaos. I spent a year out of Santiago and the next it was a completely improved thing. And that was 2019.
  10. chrisrose97

    How do you like the new website re-design ?

    Looks Super! I cant see certain posts, it says " Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. "...can someone help me with that?
  11. chrisrose97

    Car Rentals in STI?

    Hi Folks! Im traveling to Santiago soon and Im thinking of renting a car....going throught the website I found some options in STI for a sedan for 18 dollars a day plus 81 dollars for insurance for the week with Alamo, small SUV for 27 a day plus 81 insurance for the week...sounds a...
  12. chrisrose97

    Homes for the elderly in Santiago or nearby?

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice. My aunt that lives by herself in my apartment in Santiago. She shouldn't be living by herself anymore, being forgetful about basic things. I don't live in DR but go from time to time to check in on her and am preparing to do so now and would like to have a plan...
  13. chrisrose97

    Need to put elderly aunt in a home in santiago

    Hi Everyone, I've got an elderly aunt living in Santiago, may need to put her in a home or assisted living. It may be too soon now for that but I fear it might be soon......or have someone living with and looking after her at home. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  14. chrisrose97

    View Flying in to Santiago in 2009

    Hi Everybody, Just discovered a video I took flying into Santiago back in 2009. Thought you might enjoy. I miss Santiago! Have a good one! Chris in Miami
  15. chrisrose97

    Money transfer From DR to the US?

    Hi Everyone! A friend recently sold my car for me in DR and has to send me the money. Of course he sold the car in RD$ and I would like to to receive the best exchange in dollars...could he change the pesos to dollars over there and send the money to me in dollars? how? Any suggestions on the...
  16. chrisrose97

    Iron bars for windows and balcony?

    I need to put iron bars on my apartment windows and balcony in Santiago...Any recommendations on who does that kind of work in Santiago? Thanks in advance!
  17. chrisrose97

    Any Auto Insurance Suggestions? or Corredores de Seguros?

    Hi Everybody I bought a 2010 Camry last year in Santiago and and insured it with Seguros Universal from Banco Popular ...I'm looking for alternatives as it getting more expensive and covering less in the renewal.... and wasnt too impressed with their response when I had a small accident. That...
  18. chrisrose97

    Larimar in sosua

    My cousins bought two apartments pre-construction in LARIMAR in Sosua many years ago. For a while it functioned as a hotel but the owner of the hotel died and its been closed for years. Its a delicate subject with my cousins as they invested all their savings and it seems that they cant sell it...