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    don omar in london,uk

    Hello all Don Omar will be in london for a gig on saturday. anyone is going?
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    dominican mother in law versus gringa mother in law

    this post is not be taken too seriously and also it's not a personal attack against dominicans but just a vision of my current life living with my dominican mother in law.someone i do love very much but who does amaze me everyday. morning:my mother get up and make sure that everyone is having a...
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    juan luis guerra london gig

    finally juan luis guerra is coming to the uk. the 22nd of june and tickets sale will open this friday! i cannot wait :bunny:
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    Frank Reyes in Paris.

    frank reyes is in paris on saturday for a gig . Unfortunately im working so can't make it. why why all the dominicans artist came in france and never cross the channel. in the last 3 years ,juan luis guerra(twice),monchy y alexandra,don omar(i know he's not dominican but still) and many more...
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    my debit card was scammed!

    hi all! i would never believe it would happen to me. but yesterday i received a phonecall from my bank,they wanted to check some transaction done this week with my account. someone tried to withdrawn some money with my card in bavaro. my last trip there was in october,thanks god i barely use...
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    any advice for mom travelling to DR with a child.

    hello all im travelling to bavaro next week alone with my 12 month old daughter. first time with a baby and im bit worried,so any advice from mothers will be welcome. we'll stay at the occidental flamenco bavaro and im wondering if baby food is easy to get around?anybody know the baby facility...
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    visa fee for a toddler ??

    does anybody know if my 12 month old daughter pay the 10usd visa when arriving in DR?and what about the 20 usd at the departure? thanks
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    flight from puj to london

    hello i need to find a flight for my mother in law from punta cana to london. i checked on BA and it's too expensive if anyone got information,please!!
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    Need to Send Documents to the British Consulate in NYC

    hello,i need help! my mother in law forgot to include in her visa application my husband birth certificate and our wedding certificate,she did put the english version but did not put the original one :ermm:. they asked me by email to send those 2 documents directly to the british consulate in...
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    el cortecito

    im wondering if anyone(maybe mike) got update about el cortecito. it's been too long. i have spent a lot of times there and im wondering how are thing? amelia supermarket is it closed? what about the el cortecito inn?and la posada del piedra? and anybody ever met this guy from ivory coast who...
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    dr1 member

    Hi I do apologise if a similar thread done was already done. but when im participating to a post or just reading one,most of the time i have no idea who is who? as it seems a lot of dr1 member know each other but it's not the case for everyone,so would it be possible to get like an idea about...
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    early guagua from bavaro until santo domingo??

    my mother in law got an appointment at the british consulate at 10h50 next week. im wondering if anyone know a guagua who might arrive early there from bavaro or higuey? if not im looking for information about hotel near the british consulate,not too expensive and safe. thanks
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    How to send documents from UK to the Dominican Republic...

    hello all i need to send some document to dr for my mother in law visa. can anyone advice me the best way please it has to be quick as she got an appointment in 10 days. thanks.
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    british consulate in sto domingo

    hi i tried to book an appointment online for my mother in law but it look like they dont give any appointment anymore,we just need to send the papers over. has anyone been there recently? im not sure !! im trying to bring her to england for while so she can help me with our baby as im getting...
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    my modelita dominicana

    just want to say how proud we are. our daughter melody gonna do tomorrow her first photoshoot for john lewis(a big brand in england). she was signed by an agency only 2 weeks ago and i guess her dominican heritage made her special here in london. maybe a futur arlenis
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    usa visa

    hi im thinking taking my dominican husband to new york this summer and obviously he will need a visa. and im wondering what are our chance to get it? im french and we living in england,he's got a 5 year residency permit here and he's got a steady job since he arrived,17 month ago. years ago my...
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    baby milk

    hi as im going soon in bavaro with my 6 month old baby,im wondering if i should take sufficiant baby milk with me(im going for one month)or if anyone can advice me on baby milk sold over there. im going with thomas cook and luggage allowance is only 20kg so not easy to bring everything with me...
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    santa maria del mar

    hello,i need information please im going back to dr in june. and im looking to rent for one month.i used to go to santa maria del mar in el cortecito and im wondering if anyone know if i can still renting there or other condos around this area. i lost the email of the rosa the owner so if anyone...
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    dominican womens(from the barrio)

    like a lot of gringa married to a dominican mens i do have issue with dominican womens.and im not talking about the ones from the upper class who dont give a damn about our husbands,lol my husband was previously in relation with this girl for 5 year,they split up before we got married,they have...
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    french tv programme about prostitution in DR

    only useful for thoses who understand french but i put the link in case. Compl?ment d'enqu?te - France 2 same old same old i know and shame that french tv talk about dominican republic when is for talking about puta and sankies. 3rd one in 3 years about this subject. for those one who live ou...