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    Flying from Jamaica to DR

    Does anyone know the cheapest way from Jamaica to the DR? The only thing I can find is transferring in Miami and really pricey. Please let me know!!!
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    Grupo M Textile Factory Santiago

    Just saw this article on the net, because this company may be going to Haiti with help of World Bank. What concerns does the World Bank actually have? Very interesting, I believe Hillbilly, you mentioned something about going to see this company when I visited Santiago. Just to bring some...
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    Salom? Ure?a

    I just finished reading the book "In the Name of Salom?" by Julia Alvarez and her story really interested me. Now, I know that she is a very real individual and she has her poems published, but I do not know the entire story of her. Does anyone know her history and could explain it briefly? I...
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    Entry and Departure

    So, I am definently going to Haiti in May and I need some advice on how to get there. If I fly into Haiti, which I am considering doing, will I have any problems crossing the border into the D.R. and leaving eventually from the airport there? I will only be spending a short time in Haiti and...
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    Border Tax

    I know that the issue of travelling to Haiti has been covered in many other threads, however I do not remember the issue of border taxes being covered. Is there a tax to enter and to leave the country by the border? I know that as of November 2002, if you fly out of Haiti, there is a $100 US...
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    Dole Pineapple Plantations

    I heard that a couple of years ago there were Dole pineapple plantations around the sabana grande area, near the bateyes. Does anyone have any information on this topic and are they still there? Thanks in advance!!
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    Summer Trip Pictures!!!

    Check them out at: I finally finished them, or let's just say Anna did! My c.d. rom has not been working, so Anna, put them on for me, so these are only some of them, and some pics are from my last trip and from my cruising adventures...
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    Straight Flight D.R. to Toronto?

    Just checking to see if there are any straight flights from the D.R. to Toronto. Does anyone know? I can't find one and it is a pain for Dominicans to get transfer visas! Let me know!
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    Latin Music Search Engine

    I have been searching for a great deal of spanish music, especially new music from my last trip to the R.D. Is there any search engine, that is specifically for latin music or has a wider range of it? Thank you in advance :confused:
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    5 Weeks of Paradise..... One Month later....

    Well, I am a little late with this trip report, but better late than never. This may be a long one, sorry guys...... Well, I arrived in the beautiful D.R, on July 21st and mi amigo Miguel picked me up from the airport and we went to Consuelo where I met up with my 2 other friends who were...
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    238 Low-income communities

    I was just wondering if there has been a release of a list of what 238 low-income communities that Hipolito would be picking up the tab for in reference to electricity? THanks!
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    La Romana Pasteur

    I got this e-mail awhile back, but it had a virus attatched to it. Does anyone know is this pasteur is real, or if these churches are? Rev. Jean Luc Phanord "Preche La Parole" Igleisas Afiliadas 1. La Romana 2. Cacata 3. Esperanza 4. Coradin (205) 5. Batey 203 6. Las Cejas 7...
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    Toronto Reunion

    Toronto, Reunion.... Friday, July 5th! Who can make it? I say we all get together and go out for a night of salsa and merengue!! Who can come? It will be fun times!! Let me know!!!!!
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    World Vision

    I was just wondering what people think of World Vision? Do you feel that it is beneficial to sponsor a child or does it not do much good? Have you seen World Vision working in the DR? Has it made a difference to a specific family or the community? Just curious.....
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    CNN Election Article..

    I just found this, thought that it might be of some interest.... I hope it works!
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    How do you make Arepas?

    How do you make arepas? They are so good! I always had them in Miami mostly, but I know they are in the Dominican as well. I've had them with just corn flour i believe, and with cheese inside...
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    Spanish Reggae

    I know we've touched on the topic of music a lot, however is there anyone out there that enjoys spanish reggae? I'm looking for some new songs, any suggestions? What is popular right now?
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    los vicini

    This is mainly for MommC because you are from Juan Dolio right? Do you know los vicini (beach)?
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    Chupa La Paleta.....

    I was just wondering what "Chupa la Paleta" meant exactly? This song by Oro Solido, I read has been getting major criticism because it is too "sexual". What do you think?
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    Does anyone feel the same way??????

    Does anyone ever feel that nobody understands you and your connection with the D.R? I know that everytime I return from my stays, I experience major culture shock and it takes me awhile to return to the North American lifestyle. No one seems to understand why I'm so withdrawn or upset at...