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    First time Permanent Residency

    First off I want to offer apologies for not searching out an answer to my question as I am sure it has been covered before. However, I am just down from the mountains for the day to restock up on supplies and hope to get a quick reply before day's end. Current residency is up August 15th...
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    Metal Detectors

    Greetings from the Frontier. Am looking to see if anyone knows of where a hand held metal detector can be bought in the RD. Was going to bring one down from the US earlier this month but used up the space / weight bringing down an assortment of meds donated by a doctor friend. Hard to turn...
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    Overstaying exit fees

    I know they are somewhere in the vast memory of DR1 but various search attempts have failed to bring them up....been off with some visiting friends on a two week camping adventure into the Sierra de Baoruco and one of them will have over stayed his tourist card when he gets ready to leave next...
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    Observation from the Frontier

    Greetings from Cabral, Looking for a link or information on the " official " election results for Alcalde and other positions in Cabral. It is going on a month now since the elections and we still do not have any results verified. Word is that the old Sindico has been " crying his heart out "...
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    Observation from the Frontier: Quevedo Jailed !!

    Did anyone else catch the AP story posted yesterday about Arsenio Quevedo, one of the transportation mafia leaders being held in a murder investigation where he ordered the murder of some drivers. Also being investigated for laundering fuel subsides his union was received monthly. Out here on...
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    Obsertation from the Frontier: Tainos

    Recently I came across an old 2003 thread in DR Debates about the Taino culture that had been reopened and posted the following book information. Per a email request that I received I am reposting the information on these two ( 2 ) books in my library here on the Living Forum for anyone who...
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    Observation from the Frontier: Merengue tipico

    Will be having some friends visiting the Frontier in the near future and want to start off their visit in Santo Domingo. They are researchers of " original " Latin American music and I am wondering if there are any venues in the Capital that feature " merengue tipico " on a regular basis. The...
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    Observation from the Frontier: Musical History of the RD

    I might have submitted this thread in the wrong spot earlier today: History of the RD. But my interest is in finding out if anyone out there in " Forum Land " has any knowledge about the musical history of the Republica Dominicana. Were there any instruments that are unique to the country ...
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    Observation from the Frontier : ? Seen everthing ?

    Thought I had seen about everything on the Frontier until now. Was in Barahona recently on one of my weekly trips to the " Big City " and came across a " image from my past ". Sitting under a canopy at the Texaco station was a vintage 1956 4 door Chevrolet. Original two tone blue paint...
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    Observation from the Frontier : Bahoruco is not Pedernales !!!!

    Being on the Frontier and getting positive news stories written about the area is hard enough without DR1 being unable to write a correct headline for its daily report. Today, in their second story, they HEADLINED that the President was in Pedernales to open a new Larimar training school and...
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    Paperback books need new home !

    Greetings from the Frontier... Am looking for a new home for about 50 paperback books which are mostly Western and Mystery novels. I am willing to box them up and put them on Caribe Tours ( prepaid ) to any one who can find them a new home. I remember back in the mid 90's when I was working...
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    STIHL Products in Santo Domingo

    Looking for information on any hardware stores in Santo Domingo that might be selling STIHL products. Am looking for a STIHL Clearing Saw which might not be in stock but could be ordered. kFrancisco de Cabral
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    Deep Sea Fishing in the Southwest

    I posted this inquiry also in the Living section but felt I would like to get feedback directly at the source. I am looking into the feasibility of working out a series of deep sea fishing trips for a group of frequent visitors to the area over the next six months. Can this be done locally ...
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    Deep Sea fishing in the Southwest

    Am interested in any feedback on how to go about working out a series of deep sea fishing trips for visitors to the Southwest. Have a group of folks who are planning to visit over the next six months on a frequent basis that have asked me to see if such trips are feasible. kFrancis
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    Deslinda Question for Fabio

    Hola amigo, Have a question regarding the Deslinda survey process. Example is this: Buyer is purchasing three ( 3 ) ajoining parcels at the same time. They all have clear titles and the buyer wishes to receive a new title for all three as one unit. Does the buyer need to have individual...
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    Ocean Front property prices

    Looking for information on just what ocean front property is going for in various parts of the country in 2014. kFrancisco de Cabral
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    Geological Society in Republica Dominicana ??

    Are there any types of Geological groups in the country ? Looking forward to trecking into the Bahoruco's next year and wanted to my see how my set of maps stack up with others of the area. kFrancisco de Cabral
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    Changing land title after divorce ???

    Maybe I am not looking in the right place during my seaches so if this problem has already been address please let me know where. A US couple who had a land title in both of their names have gotten divorced. The wife has legally stated in the divorce papers that the husband gets to have the...
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    US Customs Crackdown on Cuban Products ???

    Have received word of a US Customs crackdown on Cuban products which is more than just confiscation. Talking criminal prosecution type talk. Seems some political folks are trying to take everyones minds off the war and feel it is time to stick it to Fidel because he did not die. Wondering if...
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    Incorporation & land purchase

    My senerio looking of an answer is in relation to timing and execution of this process. Here, the primary reason for Incorporation is to cover the inheritance question and not to avoid transfer taxs through the use of " contribution in kind " in the purchase. The question: Is it possible for...