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    My sankie and I

    OMG! I just realized that I may be going out with a sankie!!! Yikes!! This guy is a smooth talking, suave, Dominican who keeps telling me how wonderful I am? Should I be suspicious?? What do you think, Jan? You met him. He does fit the description to a tee, doesn?t he? I wonder when he will...
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    ESL teachers!! Job offer!!

    Interested in working at a bilingual private school in the North Shore (Nagua to be specific)? School will open September 2004 Anyone interested PM me ASP ps. Let?s do something about the next generation. :)
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    Demonstration against gas tax increase

    The newest mode of transportation for the DR was exibited today in a demonstration in SD today. There were donkeys, bikes, carretas and people afoot. Unfotunately, the police felt the donkeys were a threat and fired some shots at the crowd. None of the animals were hurt and no, hipo chose...
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    Dominican Men! How good are they at foreplay?

    Foreplay, Anyone? That is if you are UP for it..:bandit: Having had enough about politics and sankies for the time being, I thought it would be a good time to talk about something you can never have too much of: Foreplay. Since we?ve already talked about sex, reasons to and not to and what...
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    12:32 am Anyone awake?

    bored in Nagua.. anyone want to chat?
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    late night chat

    Who else is bored out there?
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    chat now

    anybody up 4 early chat?
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    Un Poll

    POLL The UN has just concluded the biggest poll in its history. The question was: ?Please, give your honest opinion about the limited food supply in the rest of the world.? The unfortunate results were: 1.The Europeans did not understand what the meaning of LIMITED was. 2. The Africans did...
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    What is the fastest thing in the world?

    Four young high tech. Graduates apply for the same position in a huge multinational corporation. A few days later, they are called in to be interviewed by the personnel manager. The manager tells the four grads that they will only have to answer one question that will allow the company to...
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    before you drink, read this

    How to know when you?ve had too much to drink Possible scenarios, symptoms, causes and solutions. Symptom: feet are cold and wet Cause: you?re holding the glass in incorrect angle. Solution: turn glass until open pat if facing up. Symptom: feet are warm and wet Cause: you?ve peed on...
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    gum anyone?

    A Dominican was peacefully eating his breakfast when a North American eating gum sat beside him. The campesino ignored the gringo, who regardless of this tried to make conversation with him. Excuse me, but do you eat the entire bead? Asks the American. Of course! Answers the campesino. We...
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    be efficient

    Last week I took some friends out to dinner at a plush restaurant and I noted that the waiter that attended us carried a spoon in his shirt pocket. I found this a bit odd so I asked him about it. He explained that the owners of the restaurant contracted some experts in efficiency. The...
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    Manual de conductor, Favor de seguir las reglas

    MANUAL DEL CONDUCTOR DOMINICANO 1. Al encender su carro: Implore al Poder Supremo y encomi?ndese al cuidado divino para su protecci?n contra los peligros que encontrara en las calles dominicanas. Tenga mucho cuidado con los "conductores en reversa". Esta clase de conductores son famosos por...
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    charging for signs on private property?

    I received a letter last week from city hall stating that all businesses will have to pay a standard fee for signs on their own property ranging from DR$2,000- $4,000. Is this legal? I can understand that they may want to charge for cruza calles, regardless of their placement, and...
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    what am you?

    As I was saying to a friend earlier tonight, when you are a product of two very different cultures, you wind up not fitting in in either one. Take me for instance. I am a full fledged Dominican, yet spent my whole life in US. I identify with both cultures and at times with neither one. Is...
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    casual sex?

    This may seem an odd question, but I'd really like some real answers. How does a person learn to take sex casually, as in no emmotional attachment? How does one deal with the double standards? Ignore them or what? thanks, amber
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    Night on the town Sat., Feb 8th

    Hi DR1 crew. I am going to be in the SD area Saturday Night (Feb. 8th) and planning to go out for some serious fun and dancing. Yeah.. I wanted to be there on Thursday to meet MQ, but I can't make it :( I'd like to meet some of the DR1 people as I keep hanging out here a lot lately. :D...
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    Is it kidnapping?

    I have been married 14 years and have lived in the Dr for the later half of my marriage. I have 2 underage children who were both born in the states. I am an American citizen as well and my husband has US residency. My quarry is that I've been trying to get him to consent to a divorce for a few...