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    Haiti For a Few Days

    Good Afternoon, I have some time off this month and found a great fare on Spirit (I know...) flying into Port Au Prince. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to do/where to stay....advice in general. I am looking for inexpensive accommodations (Its interesting that a search on...
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    Duty Free Shops in STI

    Hey Guys, Flying out of STI in the next couple of days on one of those red-eye JetBlue flights. I really hate to check luggage and was wondering if anyone knew what were the times for the post security Duty Free shops at the airport. I have flown in the summer time and it seemed as if they were...
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    Out of SDQ by Public

    Hey guys, I have a few questions about the public transportation leaving SDQ. I have read that I can walk and exit the airport to the main road and catch a bus there to take me into the city. Couple of questions: 1. Where in the city does the bus take me? (Trying to get to El Conde so stops...
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    POP Airport to Santiago - Cheapest Possible

    Hey Guys, Im wondering what is the cheapest way to get from POP airport to Santiago...Im assuming that would be to take a cab from the airport to the bus terminal and then over to Santiago...can someone provide specifics? prices? cheaper way?.... Thanks
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    SDQ Airport to Santiago by Public Transportation

    Hey guys, I did some search (as much as I could with a mobile device) and didnt find much here it goes... I am trying to find the least expensive way to go from SDQ airport to Santiago (ViVa/Codetel) Buildings....I am assuming I can take a cab from the airport to either Caribe...
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    American Eagle to Start Service Between STI and SDQ to PAP

    This is not new news and am not sure if the recent disaster in the neighboring country has had any impact in the start of the flights. American Eagle also plans to start service between San Juan and Port au Prince. Fares for SDQ-PAP start at 49USD. Link below...
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    Puerto Plata Airport (POP) to Santiago by Public Transport

    Hey Guys, I was wondering how would I go about going from PP Airport to Santiago by Public Transportation. I am thinking of hoping on a cab out of the airport to get to thebus terminal in Puerto Plata. After that take a cab to Santiago where someone can pick me up. My questions are: How much...
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    A Bailar Perico Ripiao: Air Canada launches New DR Service

    The New routes which are set to start in December are: YYZ(Toronto)-LRM(La Romana) YUL(Montreal-AZS(Samana/El Catey) YUL-PUJ(Punta Cana) Not new but increased frequencies YHX(Halifax)-AZS Note that these flights are seasonal and will most likely be gone by April of next year. Apparently Samana...
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    DR Holidays 2009???

    Hey Guys, I am planning a trip to the Dominican Republic during the first week of January (3rd through 11th) and I know that there are some holidays coming up. (ie:/ el dia de los reyes). For that reason I was wondering if someone knew the actual holidays in January. I am going to do some legal...
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    Good Night Life, In the middle of something and Good Price.... anyone?

    Hey Guys, Going to Puerto Plata for a couple of nights and was looking for a decently priced hotel which has a good night life and is close to town so that we can walk around. The girl whom with I am traveling with has never been to the Dominican so... sightseeing would be nice. I was thinking...
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    How Early Taxis in STI?

    Hey guys, i will be arriving tuesday morning on JetBlue 731 that gets in at about 330AM. I was wondering if there was taxi services 24 hrs a day or if I would have to arrange for someone to pick me up. Thanks for the info.
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    JetBlue To Start Service Between Orlando and Santo Domingo

    The New Service Starts march 8th with 1 daily flight. The press release is below. JetBlue Announces Nonstop Service Between Orlando and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Service Begins March 6, 2008(a) With Introductory Fares At $79(b) Each Way ORLANDO, Fla., Nov 14, 2007 (PrimeNewswire via...
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    Update for STI Airport

    Hey people can anyone say what happened to STI and their "expansions". The jet bridges as well as the second floor were very nice but.... they talked about an extra runway (or expansion of it) as well as an expansion to the actual terminal. If i am correct, the airport was suppose to receive a...
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    Spirit to create hub in DR?

    I have heard that Spirit is trying to set up a little hub in SDQ like Iberia tried in the 1990's. Does anyone have any more info. on this? I find this hard to believe and if it is true I doubt that it will happen. Since the big AA was unable to get the permissions i doubt that Spirit would...
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    Claro GSM VS Orange GSM

    Everytime I go to DR I activate my phone with Orange (do the typical SIM swapping) and the service is good except that there is not alot of coverage in some places which I visit. Now that I am going to be traveling to DR more frequently I was wondering if Claro was a better option since they now...
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    Here is our Country You can have it

    Today I was looking at the commercial for the Ministry of Tourism La Republica Dominicana: Inagotable (HERE IS THE YOUTUBE LINK: YouTube - Republica Dominicana un pais inagotable ) and I noticed something that when I analyzed it bothered me. The video is very nice and well done. It shows the...
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    New AA Mile Policy

    Just to let you guys know now AA is cutting the life on your frequent flyer miles. Now the miles will only be good for a period of 18 moths. you might want to find an alternate way to redeem your miles or get involve in something like e-rewards to prevent your miles from expiring. Here is the...
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    JAC rejects AA to fly routes

    This info. was obtained from an MSN forum its reliability I am not certain of but makes perfect sense since they have not confirmed the routes that they were going to fly. Here is the article in spanish: JAC Rechaza rutas de AA la Junta de Aerona?tica Civ?l (JAC) neg? a American Airlines las...
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    New Dominican Channel for Cablevision Subscribers

    Hey guys just to let you know in addition to channel 211 (Super Canal Caribe) Cablevision has added channel 234 (NDTV) This is the channel offered by the Dish Network and where El Escandalo Del 13 are presented. Enjoy!!!
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    AA operating DR flights out of Terminal 9 in JFK

    My aunt is traveling on AA tommorow to STI. I am going to srop her off at the airport but now i see that the airline is flying DR flights (IN AND OUT) out of terminal 9. This is good news because term 8 was too crappy. Does anyone have anymore info. on this? I would asume that the immigration...