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    Barcello Cappella closed??

    heard Barcello Capella is closed and all fenced off.. what is the future of this large property area in Juan Dolio
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    Best Place to buy interior doors in Santo Domingo

    just wondering where is the best place to purchase new interior doors...
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    Pinewood studios in juan dolio

    TALK ABOUT THE NEW SOUTH BEACH , hollywood has just arrived with the new groundbreaking of the 35 acre,state of the art film studio with the largest water tank of its kind in the world. wow :chinese:
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    Title change

    just a question for the legal eagles out there .. my friend purchased a condo a few years back and she is attempting to change the title into her name. currently the title still reflects the developers name. she is concerned if there are any legal ramifications if she sold the property before...
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    Juan Dolio Tourism Infrastructure

    Just read in the Diario that the President has allocated more tax dollars to build the infrastructure in the popular tourist areas . In particular a sewage treatment plant in Juan Dolio Also just read in a popular travel magazine that more tourists are travelling to Dr than Jamaica and Cancun...
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    lawyers fees

    how much is the average price of a lawyer for real estate closing
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    Costadel Sol

    hey steve g do u have any updates on the project thanks
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    juan dolio update

    is it true barcelo is buiding a new hotel in the area any info on the shooting was it an inside job and i heard that costa del sol was moving forward
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    costa del sol juan dolio

    any updates on the costa del sol and hemingway projects appreciated did work resume after semana santa
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    incorporation and liability

    if u form a corporation or association in dr does this limit your liability like the LLc in the states. also if u fatherd a child with a dominican national can they sue u thru a real estate holding and it was incorporated
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    juan dolio

    mommc i am just wondering if u made it back to juan dolio any update on the interrupted construction at costa del sol . i tried to find some info but the metro people were busy with the juan marichial golf classic during the weekend have to go down there myself and like to see this project
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    juan dolio costa del sol

    i have a friend from ny who informed me that this oceanfront project will be ready by march before semana santa. he plans on retiring down there he said there were available condos and it would be a good investment for me to rent out any info appreciated
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    costa del sol juan dolio

    i was down there in september seems like a huge project interested in any updates possible completion date of project
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    i have been informed when purchasing property in dr that it is prudent to incorporate and actually purchase it as an association on the title. inheritance and liability issues also been informed that it is better if u utilize a bvi incorporation instead of dominican incorporation any feed back...
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    costa del sol juan dolio update

    any more info on this project is appreciated will be going down in mid september
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    crime rate in puerto rico vs dr

    why do the puerto rican in ny always deny the unbelievable crime rate and then turn their focus on the dr crime rate
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    costa del sol juan dolio

    i have been looking to invest in this complex u have membership in the los marlins golf club anyone have info on this construction project they are asking 225,000 s dollars a little steep