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    Claro ADSL & Phone problems

    Hi All, Our phone and internet has been out for 2 weeks and repeated calls to Claro/Codetel have resulted in nothing as usual. Anyone else in Cabarete having phone problems? Can anyone tell me honestly ... how bad is cable del norte internet ?? Our cable TV service seems to work well (unlike...
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    road conditions

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the roads from Higuey to Autopista Del Noteste ( the new toll road) are open? The roads are Carretera Bayaguna-Hato Mayor Rt 66, and Route 23 to Route 7 ??? Is there traffic on this route.... Passable ?? Info apprciated carib :-)
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    Juanillo Beach Revisited

    Hi All, A couple days ago we went to Juanillo Beach for a long walk. WOW the land barons at Cap Cana are back. Juanillo is a public beach by the way even though it was captured by Cap Cana. Now they have blocked beach access road, and you can only drive to the beach restaurant and you can only...
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    Revista stickers

    Hi All, Does anyone know, Are revista stickers available now in Puerta Plata? Same location by the stadium? Thanks ! Carib
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    Codetel email settings....

    Hi All, Does anyone know the email settings for codetel ADSL? I assume SMTP Mail Server: ?? but what is codetel SMTP Port Number anyone know? They used to have this info on the Codetel website but now I can not find it........ I purchased a Linksys wireless monitoring...
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    where is law 171-07 ?

    Hi All, What ever happened to Law 171-07? Is the law in effect? Who has received the tax exemptions or the 45 day residency? Has anyone imported a vehicle with reduced duty? anyone? Carib.........................
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    Drivers License Renewal

    Hey all... Does anyone know where the closest place tp Bavaro/PC to renew a drivers license? Time flys carib
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    Flu Vaccinations

    Hi all, We are curious... anyone know if:glasses: Dominican hospitals or clinics will have the swine fly vaccinations? Its currently unknown if they will be available in the USA and also this requires multiple shots..... ??? anyone know??? The only flu shot available in USA now is a normal flu...
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    Hi All, Can anyone tell me for sure if all gasoline in the DR is unleaded? Regular and Prem??? Thanks Carib
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    Codetel adsl settings ????

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the settings for Codetel adsl below?? VPI value VCI value PPPoA or PPPoE ? Authentication method PAP or CHAP ? Encapsulation type LLC/SNAP or VC/MUX ? Thanks lots !! Carib
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    diesel fuel

    Anyone know when Diesel fuel will be available in Punta Cana / Bavaro ???? There is none currently c