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    International Women's Day

    To all the women of this board, I sincerely wish you a great day, it’s your day and you deserve it. It is unfortunate thought that only in tragedies and on days like this one we actually stop and realise the violence that is done towards women in the world. Women are victim of all kinds of...
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    Why do Gringos hate Dominican men...?

    I think the males (especially the ones on this board who are not affraid to claim they have sex with Dominican women or even pay for it) who bash the Gringas who have sex with Dominicans guys and/or fall in love with them do it because it hurts their Ego. If you wouldn't be a rich Gringo to...
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    Considering a move to D-R infos please

    Hi everyone! I am new to this board. I am a Canadian from Quebec and I visited the D-R a few times now. I am totally in love with that place, the people, their values, their simple way of life, even the rain... well, it's always better than the 3ft of snow we get here and the -30's F. I have...