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    A 123-year old man?

    Which means he could start collecting pension at 17
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    Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat

    When did the guaguas start using sedans?
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    Looking for kid friendly beach

    I couldn't agree more! It's perfect for families with kids. It's a very sheltered, calm bay and it's very shallow at the beach, with a slow drop off. Perfect for the little ones to wade in. Trees come down close to the water's edge, so parents can sit in the shade while keeping keep a close eye...
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    sailing, straight guy is looking for some coastal sailing adventures

    If you don't have any luck on this site, you may want to take a trip to Luperon. It's the "hurricane hole" of the Caribbean. Many liveaboards from a variety of countries. There's a marina with a bar/restaurant as well as many watering holes in Luperon where sailors congregate. Just hangout a bit...
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    "How will it improve your life"?

    I had a recent conversation with a fellow expat here on the northcoast. He set a date to quit smoking, made it about 18 hours. He said "too much stress"! We have some similarities here. It got me thinking. I'm single, healthy, I live in a country where I don't spend eight months waiting for...
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    CONSEQUENCES: shacking up with a Dominican girl at your home

    "Yeah but this one's different"
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    RICE , BEANS , & CHICKEN ( la bandera )

    Eating at home is good advice. I can recommend getting the book "Eat to Win" by Dr. Robert Haas, it was published in the 80's and is referred to as the sports nutrition bible. It details the effects of exercise and nutrition, however the last third is a recipe/cookbook! The recipes are based on...
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    Law enforcement and noise from bar, how does it work?

    Had an escalating noise problem last year here in a small community environment. A few people had contacted police on a number of occasions, problem persisted. Recorded dates and times of the occurences...from mid-afternoon... to as late/early as 5&6 am. There are a number of apps you can...
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    Dentist recommendations

    When I asked my health Insurance agent in Sosua the same question two years ago, he recommended... Dra. Pappaterra. Her clinic is upstairs, second floor, at the very back of Pappaterras in Sosua. I've since had root canal and crown work done there as well. No problems. She had a specialist...
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    Vice President says Chinese vaccines are on the way here

    Just received my first dose today at about 12:30. The basketball court between the airport and Sosua Abajo. They said they were administering first doses. No one else in line, two of us walked in, few minutes paperwork, fifteen minute wait after the shot, we were in and out in twenty minutes...
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    health insurance company for 62 and up?

    I am with ARS Monumental, I got in just before I turned 65, I required a blood test and an EKG ( I paid for the tests). As I am in what they call the 3rd "trimester" of life, the plan is a bit reduced from their more comprehensive plans; it includes basic dental. I pay 12,000 rd, every six...
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    New Grocery Store in Sabaneta

    I was there a couple of weeks ago and was also very impressed. I was able to find a majority of the items I shop for in Cabarete or Sosua and about a third were cheaper than the prices I'm accustomed to. I also noticed the sale price items and a few of those were considerably cheaper. However...
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    Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda passes at 93

    Love him or hate him, he was one of the last great characters of the game..... across many decades! An impressive list of accomplishments, in a lifetime devoted to the game and organization he loved. (In 1958 he was the International Leagues' MVP, as a pitcher with the Montreal Royals.) One of...