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    Guagua from Sosua to Pto Plata airport

    What should I pay for hopping on a guagua in Sosua and getting off at the airport? I was thinking about 60-70 DOP but am unsure. Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Taxi Costs Casa Marina Reef/Beach to ............

    Hi Folks, Just retuned from another beautiful holiday in the DR, specifically Sosua, and we came across this taxi charges board outside the foyer of the Casa Marina. Hope it is of use to somebody. Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Funny Caption

    There's probably only the English that will find this humourous :-) Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Brilliant Video Clip LOL

    Came across this video on the web!! Had us laughing like mad!! <iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="222" width="398"></iframe> Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Recent Facebook Post We Found amusing

    "After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Sainsburys Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse. Yesterday my dear wife received the...
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    Bumbling Contractors

    Here's a photo of contractors cleaning up after installing bollards at a Hospital to stop visitors parking on the pavement. Looks like they'll be late home!! Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Sosua Vendors

    After repeated attempts to say no to the vendors/massage ladies/concho drivers etc in Sosua recently, thought I'd try a different tact and had this made! Let's see if it works next holiday :-) Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Options for mobile SIM card on North Coast.

    Hi all, We have only had experience with SIM cards that need to be topped up and used (at least once) a month to ensure that they do not expire, at the moment we are (read were) using a CLARO SIM card. We have an expat friend who we left our phone with so he could "phone sit" for us who decided...
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    Snail Mail Question for UK Expats in/around Sosua

    Morning, We are wondering what methods UK expats employ to have their mail forwarded from the UK to the DR, specifically in/around Sosua. We have looked at Bankers Trust, Transexpress (they wouldn't let me set up an account as I hadn't a cedula reference) and one or two others but we would like...
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    Edenorte 2012 Rates

    Hiya all, Have tried (unsuccessfully) to search the forum as I'm sure somebody recently posted the latest Edenorte rates. If anybody could point us in the right direction to find the latest rates we'd be grateful. Thanks in advance. Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Haiti and the shaming of the aid zealots!

    Have just come across this on the Daily Mail website - Makes grim reading. Haiti and the shaming of the aid zealots: How donated billions have INCREASED poverty and corruption | Mail Online Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie
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    Access to Playa Imbert, Sosua

    We have a quick question for those in the know. During our last holiday to Sosua in October, we tried to gain access to Playa Imbert but couldn't find any path or walkway to get there. Walking down Dr Alejo Martinez from calle Francia towards town all we could see was an advertising hoarding on...
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    Mountain biking in and around Sosua

    Hi all, We have a male friend coming to stay with us in Sosua for a week in October and he has expressed an interest in mountain biking in and around the Sosua area. Have tried search but couldn't find anything. I'm wondering if their are any clubs or groups of individuals that carry this out...
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    Question for Super Super shoppers

    Hiya all, We are returning to Sosua three weeks on Saturday and are getting our budget together. Ellie is a smoker and usually buys her ciggies by the 200 from Super Super. In May of this year they were around DOP 1043 for 200 Marlboro Menthol. If anybody is passing Super Super over the next few...
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    Transport Between Sosua and STI Airport

    Evening all, We will have a friend staying with us in October who, when he leaves will be flying out from Santiago airport at 17:45. We are trying to plan an itinery to get him from Sosua to the airport and, on his instructions to do it "as cheap as possible", have decided on the Metro tours bus...
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    Breakfast in Sosua

    Hi All, We will be returning to Sosua on Easter Saturday and will be staying for three weeks. We are both early to bed/early to rise kind of people and, this time, have decided that we will go for an early morning walk around Sosua (weather permitting) before enjoying a leisurely breakfast. We...
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    Transport from Sto. Domingo to Pto. Plata airports

    Good afternoon, I believe a company called "Top Flight" operates a shuttle service from Sto. Domingo to Pto. Plata via Punta Cana. Does anybody have a web address or contact details for this company or does anybody know of other companies that provide an air shuttle service between Sto. Domingo...
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    How Not To Ride A Bike

    VCA 2010 RACE RUN on Vimeo WOW - Enjoy
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    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - the essential guide to customs & culture

    Hola Todos, I was lucky enough to order in advance, and to secure a copy of, the book by Ginnie Bedggood (Lambada) and Ilana Benady entitled "The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture - Dominican Republic" as soon as advertised it. After having just finished it may I offer the...
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    The Merengue Dog!

    And you folks think YOU can dance LOL Dancing merengue dog. [VIDEO] Tropical Regards Ian & Ellie