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    Affordable Hotels Near the Malecon @ Avenida Jos? N??ez C?ceres?

    Does anyone know of any hotels/pensiones in the $15-25 price range near the 'Ciudad Ganadera' (beside the Metaldom) by the Malec?n in Santo Domingo? Here:,-69.941884 Preferably near Avenida Jos? N??ez C?ceres (on the E/W and the Autopista 30 de Mayo...
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    Goat Farmers in the Dominica Republic

    Does anyone know of a reputable farm or person who raises meat goats in the DR? (Preferably in the Cibao) I'd like to buy a good male Boer goat to impregnate my group of female criollo & crillo/boer goats. Thanks, Russ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How To Plant Pasture Grass Seed Without Using Heavy Machinery?

    Hi, I am buying about 55 lbs of seeds of an improved Guinea grass called 'Tanzania' to plant on some fields where I recently had a bunch of brush cleared. I was told to use about 1 pound per tarea (628.8635 sq meters). I have been looking into how I can go about getting all of this grass seed...
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    Best Strategy for Cattle in Winter?

    Hi, I am new to the cattle business and I would like to prepare for my first winter having cattle. In the Jarabacoa/Manabao area the locals say that, in the winter, 1. the grass doesn't grow much and 2. the cattle don't eat much. Since I am only currently raising steers for meat, I would like...
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    Agrimensores - How to Become a Surveyor in the Dominican Republic?

    I would like to know the process to become an Agrimensor in the Dominican Republic. Is there any sort of GPS / GIS certification process available or needed in country to be a certified surveyor (if there is such a thing?) How can one get qualified to measure and report land boundaries for the...
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    Importing a Tata Nano Car

    Hi, Would anyone know if there are any limitations on importing a Tata Nano for street use in the D.R.? Also, are there any requirements / standards that might have to be met for the car when importing? (example: some countries require daytime running lights installed / emissions standards to...
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    Jarabacoa - New Hi-Rez Satellite Imagery and GPS Roads in Google Earth

    Jarabacoa in Hi-Rez! I have updated my website to include files that allow you to view Jarabacoa satellite imagery in high resolution (4 meter) within Google Earth. You can also open a file that shows the major roads and main streets as well as rivers, streams, and aqueducts...
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    Fiber Optics Cable Suppliers

    Hello, Could anyone provide me with the names and phone numbers of companies within Dominican Republic that supply Fiber Optic cable? I am looking for companies who would have the cable IN STOCK so that I can buy the following amount of cable in the next week or two: 5,500' of 6 strand...