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    Can You Help?

    I’m love to pay for a drum. Apple, Venmo or PayPal. Let me know what’s best for you. Let’s Go Mets!
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    Police instructs members to participate in religious services

    When I was in boot camp our platoon was 100% non mandatory compliant on Sundays when it came to going to mass or some service. We learned quickly that going to mass was definitely better then spending Sunday field daying the squad bay. I’m sure this order is going to have the same results.
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas There are a lot of rentals posted in this group.
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    Samana - El Catey Airport

    American Airlines has a new flight out of Miami to Samana. Wednesday and Saturday.
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    Marine Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo: Dominican-American Casualty in Kabul, Afghanistan

    She is now guarding the gates of heaven SEMPER FI
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    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    12:45. We arrived at SDQ at 10:50. The United agent checked us in and told us to get in line immediately. At 12:15 we were next in line so the agent had us stay in line. He helped others.
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    E-Ticket (Can't enter the DR without this)

    Departed thru SDQ yesterday. The line was insane. The e-ticket had zero effect on speeding up the process. United agent eventually pulled people out of line that were going to miss their flight. Manpower was the problem, not e-ticket vs paper.
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    e ticket assistance

    I’m leaving Saturday also. Wednesday night it wouldn’t go thru, Thursday morning it went thru with no problems.
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    Greetings From Jersey

    Thanks for the invite. My wife is from Moca. Unfortunately this next visit is a quick one. We will be spending most of our time in Las Terrenas getting the apartment squared away and visiting family in the Capital.
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    Greetings From Jersey

    Park Ridge, Bergen County.
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    Greetings From Jersey

    Hi everyone. I’m looking forward to start picking up helpful info on full time expat living in the DR. My wife is of Dominican decent and I have been visiting the DR with her for 30 plus years. We purchased an apartment in Las Terrenas last year just before Covid and renovations are just...