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    Windows against noise in Santiago

    Hello all  Does anyone knows where I can purchase good sliding glass doors and windows please? Also windows against noise . I need good doors and windows not the regular ones . Thank you in advance. Lucille 
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    Woman kills robber in Boca Chica

    This lady was the first one to kill her attacker.... Woman kills robber in Boca Chica Date: 03/23/2014 Germania Francisca De Vasquez Nathali Germania Francisca De Vasquez Nathali One of two suspected robbers killed yesterday afternoon at the hands of a dealer who shot him , after he was...
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    Woman kills attacker

    This is the second woman who kills her attacker in the last couple months.:speechles May 2, 2014, 24:20 24 Comments MOCA: Woman kills man tried to steal MOCA, Dominican Republic -. A woman shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to strip a moped. Florence Mary Crossarm Hernandez, 39...
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    Best Documentary

    I want to share this documentary which won the price of " "Devco Communications Awards 2013" Dominicana gana premio mundial por documental mercado binacional - Periodico Digital Dominicano which...
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    Great time at Ocean World

    Once again, I spent a day with a group (Adults+children) at Ocean World and we really enjoyed it. The pool, the tigers, the birds, the dolphin encounter, the water slide, but the "sea lions show" was spectacular. My favorite was the "snorkel reef pool", except I missed the lobsters.:cry...
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    Translator German-English needed in Puerto Plata Area

    Hi there: I need someone who can translate from German to English or Spanish for me please. I don't know how much it will cost me for 1/2 or 1 hour. Please pm and I will give you the details. Thanks in advance. Lucille
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    Dominican won the Cannes Film Festival

    Google's translation. June 12, 2013, 10:28 a.m., 6 Comments Dominican wins Cannes International Festival Creative brianda Careers SANTO DOMINGO. - The young filmmaker Careers Dominican Brianda Creative won the Cannes Film Festival 2013, an event which was attended by about 20 thousand people...
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    US dollars- conversion

    Please I want to know. How many US dollars are 392CAD. Thanks Lucille
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    Animals Protection Law in DR?

    SANTO DOMINGO. - The Public Ministry and submit pursue people who abuse animals. So I ordered the Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dom?nguez Brito, while announcing the creation of a permanent care to track this problem. "We must enforce the Animal Protection Act and Possession...
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    Loan interest rate special at Scotiabank

    There is a "Feria de prestamo" at Scotiabank in Santiago. Calle Del Sol esq. Mella 809-582-5181 Ext. 3524 I met one of the oficial at the bank Joselyn Espinal and she gave the information. Feel free to call her if anyone needs to check for a loan. Mortgages, car, personal etc... I know...
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    Car alarm installation in Santiago

    Hi guys: I need to install a car alarm. Thanks in advance. Lucille
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    " La Sirena Pola" (Santiago) Independence's day sales

    There is a big sales going on in La Sirena Pola calle Del Sol in Santiago for today and tomorrow only. It is crazy...but was worthy... 20%-25%-30%-and 50% discounts. Fruits and dominican vegetables -50% Tv-stove-refrigerators-appliances-20% Toys-25% Some other items 30% off. Tomorrow-meats will...
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    Looking for lot or small villa to purchase in Cofresi

    Hi guys: I am interesting to buy a lot or small villa in Cofresi "only". Thanks in advance. Lucille
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    Nice article/about the weight we carry in our lives

    Can someone translate this article into English please? I found this article very nice to share with you guys...;) El problema del peso
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    Some info about Bilingual School in Santiago

    I need some info about a Bilingual school in Santiago. I have a friend who wants to bring her daughter (13 years old) from the States to Santiago and she needs information about an English or Bilingual School. Thanks in advance. Lucille
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    Isla Saona's antenna tree

    Funny, but It is from the newspaper... In Isla Saona the only place that has signal to make a phone call is on the top of this tree, people make even lines to climb up there. Copa de ?rbol sirve de antena en isla Saona -
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    Merengue dancing dogs;) YouTube - Merengue Dancing Dogs
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    Pizza/place in Santiago with delivery service

    Any good pizza place in Santiago with delivery? Thanks in advance
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    picture of JRC

    Thank you BB
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    Trip to Jarabacoa River Club & Resort

    First I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to travel and see new things every day, also to all dr1 members who have been so helpful to me. I went with my nephew Jason, who visited Dom. Rep for the first time and he enjoyed it very much . We enter the resort and met the receptionist...