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    Group of investors is looking for lots in Villas Del Mar (Juan Dolio)

    A group of investors is looking for to buy directly from the owners preferably the undeveloped lots in Villas Del Mar area . The only lots that have the original legal title within '' Parcela No# 355-B-2 REF from 1 to 411 . Based on the original Mensura Catastral plan Del Municipio De Los Llanos...
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    Any more info ''Hotel construction toppled in Saona''

    DR1 Daily News - Monday, 06 October 2008 ''Last week the Ministry of Environment announced the demolition of two hotels under construction in the township of Mano Juan on Saona Island, a protected area within the National Park of the East. One of the structures was a two-floor concrete...
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    Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem and RE Development in DR

    It has been awhile since this news came out , I wonder if anyone heard any news on developing any real estate projects in the DR by him (and where) . It would be very interesting to see such development tycoon like Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem in DR who as well is the executive chairman of Al...
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    Who is the owner of Renaissance Jaragua Hotel and Casino ? Any idea ?

    Who is the actual owner of Renaissance Jaragua Hotel and Casino in Santo Domingo ? It is operated under the Renaissance branch ( one of the branches by Marriott ) . Any idea ? Thanks .
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    Just funny coincidence in the RE companies names

    Some time ago Intur ( Dominicana ) went to alliance with Delta ( RE Company from Spain ) ... and ''Delta Intur'' was created . And now Invertur ( Dominicana ) having alliance with Alfa ( onother RE Company from Spain ) ... ''Alfa Invertur'' ?
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    New small Apart - Hotel advise needed

    An American after hundreds of short visits and long stays have decided to retire to DR . Considering South Coast or ether North Coast , have decided to buy a land ( near or on the beach ) and build a small Apart Hotel . Probably two 4 floors buildings with the pool in the middle . He wants to...
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    Aramis Marina & Yacht Club ?

    Are there any news on this project ? The lot next to Guavaberry Beach Club and where this project meant to be build was recently cleaned up . Is this the preparation for the Aramis Marina & Yacht Club construction ? or there is something else coming ? ...
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    Promotional Trip Miss Spain 2008 at Oasis Hamaca , Boca Chica

    ...All 52 Misses will be housed at the famous Oasis Hamaca. This Promotional Trip of Candidates Miss Spain 2008 is sponsored by the Group Globalia the owner of Air Europe and Oasis Hotels & Resorts , and the Secretary of State for Tourism, as the main sponsors of this event. The candidates will...
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    Aramis Marina & Yacht Club in Juan Dolio . Any info ?

    Anyone has any update info on this project ? Are they going to build it ? When ?...
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    Juan Dolio / Villas Del Mar Construction Updates

    There are many projects under construction right now everywhere in DR ... Cabarete , Samana , Punta Cana etc. In this thread I would like to post and hear from others the updates on any project in Juan Dolio / Villas Del Mar areas Juan Dolio - Dominican Republic (DR1) . I think it will be...
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    Juan Dolio : Problems - Solutions

    By frank recktenwald : Juan Dolio Don't know DrChris nor Steve G but I reckon from what I've read in the past that both live their lives in JD just as I do. In some parts I agree with DrChris and in some parts I agree with Steve but I don't want to get into that, what I would like to say though...
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    Have any info ?

    Carey Residencial I think is an example of how some local ''ingenieros'' are trying to make the most out of foreign developers , like there is no tomorrow :pirate: ...
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    Any info on The Oasis project in Cabarete ?

    Any info on The Oasis in Cabarete ? New project of 14 ( 3 floor ) villas on the beach ( named villa Duarte , Margarita , Perla , Perlita , Pina Colada etc. ) ... Any website ? Developer / Owner / Architect ?
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    Juan Dolio - South Beach of the Caribbean !!!

    The secretary of Tourism, Felix Jim?nez, announced that within the goals to diversify the tourist supply of the country contemplates to turn to Juan Dolio to ?South Beach? of the Caribbean or prepared zone to receive the visit of important personalities, specially of the jet-set international ...
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    North Coast Beach reconstruction

    Any update on North Coast Beach reconstruction ? Any pics ? Cabarete ... Sosua ...
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    Is SuperClubs Breezes Punta Cana Resort sold to other company - owner ?

    Is SuperClubs Breezes Punta Cana Resort sold to other company by Luis Abinader ? Who is a new owner ? company ? Any info ?
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    Plaza Real Resort in Juan Dolio

    Located in the beautiful village and beach of Juan Dolio, a small city full of night life and great activities where you will find bars, restaurants, discotheques, casinos, etc. The Residence Plaza Real count with 48 apartments full equipped with TV Cable , security box, fan, air conditioning...
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    Juan Dolio Beach Regeneration

    The project of rehabilitation of beaches of Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Boca Chica and Juan Dolio will be completed in October of this year. Of the US$19 million for its cost, the private sector is going to contribute to US$3.5 million. The participant companies that develop the project: the Dutch...