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    Lifestyles. US Citizen prices vs Dominicans

    Been to lifestyle a couple times with wife, both US citizens. Got good prices thru Current prices look like $93 per couple per night, early April. Now want to go with a group. No air needed. What happens if others in your party are only Dominican citizens. Do you only...
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    Edenorte question

    Waiting for my meter in a Santiago suburb. Should be a couple days. Lady in office said I could pay my bill on line only if I had a Dominican Credit card. Is this true? Only have USA credit cards . Any other useful information I need to know before the install would be appreciated. I am...
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    Current road conditions.

    Interested in four roads. Have 4x4. Luperon to Punta Rusia. The direct one along the north coast, not the one through Mimon. The three roads from santiago North. Main Touistica The mountain road through Moca. Thank you
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    Residency without returning to States

    A friend who has been in the DR 3.5 years says he found a lawyer who can get him residency without requiring him to return to USA. Can this be true? Disclaimer... Same guy that says he was getting 15% interest, turned out to be 7.5%.
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    YES network and SNY network in Santiago

    Asking for a friend in central santiago. He is not technical. How can he easily get these two networks? He gets these two stations with claro but only during baseball season. He want a them 365 days. Thank you
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    Claro advice, connections please. Near Santiago

    I am tired of tricom DSL, but claro has no cable on my block. The adjoining block, less than 100 yards away has Claro. Went to their central office in santiago and person behind counter said I needed 20 signatures of neighbors. There are not that many houses on the block. Willing to grease...
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    Recommendation for Botox Restylane in Santiago

    A safe place in Santiago is appreciated. Thank you
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    Copa Panama city to Santiago DR, Copa

    I think only Copa flies to Santiago. Need to visit Panama for about two weeks this coming winter, either before or after two months in the DR. Is it better to visit Panama in late December or March? Any advice on flying or buying tickets one way on Copa?
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    Banca Santa Cruz. 14.8% interest, pesos

    Anyone hear of this bank in Santiago. 7.4% on 6 month cd. Is this possible? Is this bank legitimate?
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    Sending money usa to DR monthly, best way

    I need to send about $1500 USD monthly from usa to a friend in santiago. He has a popular dollar and peso account. What is the best way? Cheapest, easiest? I have a PayPal in the USA and that is what I use in the states, but it appears it does not work in the DR. The recipient in...
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    Massage therapist Santiago needed

    Looking for both home visits and/or a clean establishment location. Thank you in advance.
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    Dish network

    Coming to spend my 1st winter as a snowbird. Is it possible to bring a dish network receiver from an active usa account to the DR and use it? Thank you. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920AZ using Tapatalk