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    Birth certificate authentication not in your country of residency ?

    Hello. Hopefully Mr. Guzman Ariza or someone else in the know will answer regarding birth certificate translations. Can a birth certificate be translated and authenticated by the Dominican embassy in a country i have no residency ties with ? That is any country outside of the D-R that has a...
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    Is there a poor Expat community in the D-R ?

    Is there a residential complex or neighbourhood anywhere in the D-R where everyone is Expat yet under middle class ? Where you can buy a studio or one bedroom condo or house for under $20,000 U.S. ??
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    Is polygamy legal in the D-R ?

    Hi, this is just a legal question out-of curiosity. 1). Is a man aloud to marry more than one wife in the D-R, or is having more than one wife in the D-R illegal ? 2). What If a married-man who is married in his home country comes to the D-R and marries a local girl, is that also considered...
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    Provisional-Residency lawyers under $900 U.S.

    Let's use this thread to write down the the phone numbers and E-mails of lawyers who charge an "all-inclusive" fee of under $900 U.S. for Provisional-residency. I'm looking for one in the Santo-Domingo area.
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    Motorcycle schools.

    Hi, can anyone tell me if there exists a motorcycle school that caters to expats ? I want to get a motorcycle license, but i prefer an english speaking instructor for the lessons and the final test. Does it exist.
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    Colourful clapboard houses.

    Hi, I want people to tell me about those colourful clapboard houses. How much do they go for ? Do they usually have title for the land ? p.s. If you know of someone selling a cheap house with title you can send me a private message.
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    Residency laws changing january 2009.

    Has anybody heard about the provisional residency laws changing starting this january 2009 ? Making it even harder to get ! Does anyone know what will change ? Can any residency-lawyers out there answer this ??
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    Criminal Record Checks

    What's the story with criminal records checks ? Do they also have to be authenticated at the Dominican-Embassy at the persons country of residence, just like a birth certificate ? What if you recieve it through a consulate in santo-domingo do you then need to send it back to your homeland for...
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    Officialy certify my birth certificate.

    O.K. I brought my birth certificate with me so i can get a temporary residency. 1). How do i get it legally translated into spanish ? 2). How do i get it legally certified by the Dominican immigration ? Because i am now reading that one can only do that at the Dominican consulate in ones...
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    How do i get temporary residency ?

    I see an advantage to Dominican citizenship, it's called a passport ! P.s. 1). Can someone please tell me how long it will take to get the temporary residency status from the moment i first walk into a law firm in the Dominican-Republic untill i get that temporary resident status, and how much...
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    Lawyers fees for reaching citizenship.

    Hi, How much would i end-up having to pay to a lawyer from when i first land in the dominican-republic until i become a temporary resident and then a permanent resident and finally a full fledged dominican citizen. Is there a whole lot of difference between one law firm to another in terms of...