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    most dangerous street in Santo Domingo?

    La cienega and gualey are some that come to mind
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    US Embassy Auction

    Probably were used to furnish the residences of employees living here
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    Danilo Medina returns from Florida; tweets he has prostate cancer

    It was a private jet from of his crony who coincidentally is locked up.
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    Annoying Dominican Habits

    And leaving refrigerated items on random shelves throughout the store instead of returning it to where they got it
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    PriceSmart Leaving the DR?

    I feel like there's definitely more to the story than three employees who didn't get their payout
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    Bad Accident on Duarte Highway

    The roads here are not designed to be driven at high velocity.
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    What is this?

    SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, FL
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    Tax Free DOMEX

    Exactly, if I buy something from wherever and have it shipped to the vimenpaq address in Florida and they charge sales tax I request a refund because that address has tax free status.
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    Tax Free DOMEX

    Anything shipped to that address should not have sales tax charged.
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    A raccoon makes headlines in Dominican Republic

    I just saw a news update that it has escaped from capture.
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    Raccoons in the DR?

    They are trying to, but the people who caught it are demanding a 100,000 DOP reward in exchange for it.
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    Tipping etiquette in Santo Domingo

    I do not understand the logic of this. It should be all or nothing. If the 10% tip is split amongst the whole staff, then why would eliminating one part of a dining experience (the server who doesn't even receive the full tip) eliminate that? If I go to Wendy's and dine in, the 10% is...
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    SuperMix - A New Dominican Store

    Food too
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    Abortion garners attention again after death of 16-year old; speculation she took pills to provoke an abortion

    The news article was not about the incident but how the incident has brought up the abortion debate again because it was originally stated she died from taking abortion pills (which was later said to not have been the case).
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    A spy balloon over Santo Domingo???

    There's a pretty large US intelligence base here. I'm sure they would lead taking care of it
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    Tipping etiquette in Santo Domingo

    Do you pay the servers at your establishment more than the minimum salary required by law?
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    Judge sends brother and sister of former President Medina to trial; accepts deal with OISOE director

    I think it's time to start reducing those excessive benefits offered by government positions which makes then so desirable in the first place.
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    DR Wins Caribbean Series

    Indeed last night the DR team won the Caribbean series championship which is held every year. The World Baseball Classic which is held every four years will start next month.
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    Tipping etiquette in Santo Domingo

    While I agree that servers should be paid a fair wage and not have their living dependent upon discretionary tips, I cannot protest the system and punish the person who served me by not tipping so I will continue to tip my servers 10% additional. As it's commonly said, if you can't afford to...
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    Tipping etiquette in Santo Domingo

    The thread was started by our favorite poster Rey who normally focused on the Santo Domingo area with his topics