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    Chillis Restaraunt

    I hear chillis restaurant is closing down suddenly in 2 weeks, does anyone know why and will it be re- opening again
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    dominos pitza

    does anyone know what happened to the dominos pitza truck which used to be in the carpark at super polar,,,,is it gone for good :cry:
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    Dog rescued and getting help from dr bob

    Tonight on our way home from town we witnessed a guy dragging a chow down the road on the back of a moto,,,YES i mean dragging, the pood dog wasnt running,,,, as any animal lover would we slammed on the brakes and sounded the horn , the guy stoped, we went over to look and the poor dog was alive...
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    sea- scooter wanted

    Does anyone have a sea scooter for sale , its a type of mini battery powered submarine used for scuba diving or snorkeling, they used to be made by sea-doo but i know there are chinese versions available,,,,,
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    Viva gone from playero

    I have noticed that viva have gone from playero does anyone have any info on where we pay our cell fone or our internet , surely if they have closed the office we cant all be expected to travel, to puerto plata every month to pay our bills or are we allowed to cancel our contract with them...
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    Simply red ( warning dont bother )

    Last night myself and a few friends went to Simply Red restaraunt in sosua opposite the helicopter pad ,after waiting over two and a half hours for our meal they all, appart from two of the meals turned up cold after asking to speak to the owner to complain the response we got was absolutely...
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    Building maintainance

    we are due to moove over to dom rep for good very soon and i was wondering if anyone can recomend a maintainance guy in sosua thats reliable , honest and does a good job, for any work that might need doing, preferably one that speaks good english turns up when he says he will and knows what he...
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    Fly fishing

    a few years ago i got a book called "fly fishing " by a guy called jr hartley,,,,,,,,,"its you isnt it ",,,,,lol,,,,,,just wondred if its the same person