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    T595net - Message Board - Social Forums - The Hinckley Arms - Cant believe what I saw today...
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    Double Vision

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    This is cool wierd

    Click on photo for larger image
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    One Glass A Day

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    Is She A Sankiette

    :ermm:I always thought it was the Gringo that get,s conned :disappoin My step son who is Dominican lives in the UK his Novia tell,s him she is sick and need,s peso,s to see the doctor my wife who is in Nagua takes her to the Doctor Today :bunny: Doc says fit as a fiddle:ermm: :bunny:wait...
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    Car hire

    Any one know off a car hire in samana airport or las terrenas cost per day for my friend ERIC P Thanks
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    My wife is going to the dr 14th this month is it any advantage to renew, her cedula it ran out in 2006 BTW she has a UK passport. And do she leave it her maiden name or married name thanks again vince
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    Little Superstar

    YouTube - "Little Superstar"
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    Man at gas station hits the fire button by accident

    :lol: - Man at gas station hits the fire button by accident
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    Private Investigator Contact chip

    # Proof that a Sankie is unfaithful # Proof that a spouse or partner is unfaithful # Proof that a friend or business associate is dishonest # Missing friends or relatives # Lost or stolen property :bunny: Contact
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    Wheel Chair Basketball

    This is my step son Wanderson from NAGUA who plays wheel chair basketball for the disabled, who used to play baseball in NAGUA before he lost his leg
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    Rubber Man

    Rubber Rastafarian - MSN Video
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    Dominican Landscapes Part 1

    YouTube - Dominican Landscapes Part 1
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    How Many Miles From A to B In A Plane

    WebFlyer :: The Frequent Flyer Authority Travel Route: Gatwick Arpt, London, GB (LGW) to La Union Arpt, Puerto Plata, DO (POP) One Way Distances: Distance 4320 miles 6950 km TOTAL 4320 miles 6950 km Round Trip Distances: Distance 8640 miles 13900 km TOTAL 8640 miles 13900 km
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    Internet Slang Dictionary

    Internet Slang Dictionary
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    Images of the Dominican Republic by Paul Gerace.

    YouTube - Images of the Dominican Republic
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    Planets Fascinating

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    The Widow

    Joy had lost her husband almost four years ago. Her daughter was constantly calling her and urging her to get back into the world. Finally, Anna said she'd go out, but didn't know anyone. Her daughter immediately replied, "Mom I have someone for you to meet." Well, it was an immediate hit...
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    Paddy and the gorilla

    A zookeeper says to Paddy "the gorilla is in heat and we need someone to have sex with her, would you consider it for ?500?" Paddy replies " I will on 3 conditions 1, i dont kiss her, 2 my family will never find out and 3 give me a couple of weeks to get the cash together" ;)