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    Comedor $ VS cooking $ ?

    Rice and beans whether they're red or occasionally black and guandules are easy and cheap to buy, store and quick to prepare. They only need a few items to add to their cooking and those are cheap and store easily too. Salads? No biggie. It's the meat. I've seen minimal hygiene done by...
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    Barcelo Dark Gran Reserva. Muy good
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    Secretaria o Ministerio de Trabajo

    Appreciate the guidance from many posters. Me vs. Fulana in court over her liquidacion? Uh no. I'd do it the same way and make the trip to Santiago.
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    Secretaria o Ministerio de Trabajo

    I ended up going into Santiago the other day to see the Ministerio de Trabajo in person. Glad I did. Didn't have any luck finding an office in Sajoma or using the Ministerio website. Got right in to see an employee. She questioned me on the pay arrangement I had with the employee and quickly...
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    Secretaria o Ministerio de Trabajo

    Looking to head into Santiago tomorrow to take care of the liquidacion of a former employee. I'm googling offices and am a bit confused. It's giving me both the Secretaria and the Ministerio of Trabajo. One and the same? Which one does the calculations for liquidaciones there in Santiago...
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    Intense pre-summer heat, some rains, possible floods, but the water shortage continues

    I want it to stop raining in Sajoma. Everyday for the past three weeks. Drought up here before then. My family and friends are tired of my raining cats and dogs videos on WhatsApp. The 2800 gallon cistern and the 500 gallon tinaco are topped off. I've got yard work to do and it ain't...
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    Farm chemicals intoxicate students in San Francisco de Macoris

    I'm going with yeah, school children are more important than an adjacent rice field.
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    That Black Crud

    Thanks and yeah I've got a good one. I was going to try pre-treating the area with some product prior to cutting loose with the pressure washer. Bleach was the first thing that came to mind but if there's something better I'm all ears.
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    That Black Crud

    Thank you Hijo. I read the article. Use as directed. Banned in most states because of the high phosphate content. Where's it available here if you don't mind?
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    That Black Crud

    You know. Your house is painted white and there's a concrete walk around most of the house. It seems to stain the concrete and up the side of the rough painted exterior of the house for a foot or so. Is it a job for some bleach and a pressure washer or is it some Frankenstein mold or bacteria...
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    Air Conditioning Help

    I haven't shopped the 12,000 BTU/110 volts units much yet. I did walk in to a Refripartes store in the capitol and it was priced about 31,000 I believe. Didn't bargain, didn't ask if that included any installation hardware or installation costs. Just asking for their opening price on the...
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    Abinader inaugurates Los Alcarrizos tramline

    I've been reading the posts about the Cangrejo bridge and the apparent difficulty getting those tiny parcels of land on either side of the river so the bridgework could begin. Doesn't make any sense. I rode into Santo Domingo on a bus the other day arriving in the late afternoon. Traffic was...
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    Growing vegetables under the Dominican Sun.

    Well done. Best method around. Allows for easy successive plantings to lengthen out the harvest. And easy rotation of vegies or flowers to help with pest and disease control.
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    Car Insurance

    I'll preface this by saying I know diddly squat about Dominican vehicle insurance but am also about to find out like Nans. However, as a previous agency owner and insurance consumer in the US I will purchase high limits of liability insurance and would recommend anyone with any assets or...
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    In case you want to watch

    They didn't call it an explosion, they called it a "unscheduled disassembly".
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    Shipping a Car from Georgia

    Recently entered with a shiny new visa and am taking advantage of the one-time reduction in import duties. As pointed out the car must be less than 5 years old and you must have owned it more than one year. Then it qualifies under Ley 168-67. I had shipping quoted between $950-1550 from three...
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    Plant two trees for every tree lost (Luis Abinader)

    Hey NALs was the last statement in jest? I hope they follow up soon too. Probably the worst thing they could do would be to reforest that area as a monoculture. That sounds like a farm you have intention to harvest. A better idea would be a diversity of species. We lost a bunch of pines up...
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    DR requests casaba be recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

    Yeah I'm kinda up in the air about casabe. I do enjoy the garlic casabe but face it, it's the garlic not the casabe. I think yuca tastes better prepared other ways. Just before you get into Sajoma there are several places along the road with enormously long ovens. I've watched them grind it...
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    Air Conditioning Help

    Yeah I'd read that 110 was limited to under 12,000 btu's but in Sajoma and just one bedroom, that's gonna be plenty. I'm not familiar with TGM. Is that a manufacturer or a business? Where could I check it out? Thanks DRforme.
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    Air Conditioning Help

    Are these inverter split a/c units like those from Daikin sized for 110 volt homes?