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    real estate transfer tax exemption, inheritance taxes

    Hello people, Would anybody have an idea what should we do? We (I, my husband and our adult daughter) are about to buy a condo. My husband and I are entitled to be exempt from the 3% transfer tax based on our residency, but my daughter is not. How much do we have to pay (if anything)? 3%, 1% or...
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    Guzman Ariza website down?

    Hello, Does anybody knows what is going on with Mr. Guzman's website and email? It does not work. Thanks.
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    fast track residency

    Hello, We are in the middle of this process. Lots of unforeseen happenings... Has anybody gone through with this? I would be greatful for insights. I also would be happy to share my experiences if it helps anyone.
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    Where to get the certificate of good conduct

    Hello, I'd like to apply for the fast track residency. Never spent more than 3 weeks in the DR, living currently in the US. Do I need the certificate of good conduct from the US, or from the Dominican police or both? Thanks.