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    Can I come to the DR with a passport that expires in like 4 or 5 months?

    I have a ticket to come for a week this Xmas My passport expires around April of 2019 I'm going to get the renewal expedited if I need a new one now since I waited too long to do a regular renewal
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    Anyone ever been to the oasis adult resort near Puerto plata?

    I'm mainly looking to see if anyone has ever had any bad experiences I reserved two nights there as i make my waybto the beach areas for a week or 2
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    Seeking weekly/monthly apartments in sosua,cabberatte, or playa dorada?

    Hi I'm currently at a private beach recommended by a dominican friend in puerta plata but its really quiet. My ideal atmosphere is an area that is walking distance to the beach, average to good safety has a mixture of tourists and middle class/educated/family oriented Dominican girls. I'm a...
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    This is my 7th summer in a row I'm staying in Santiago. Looking to hang out

    Hey, My only option to hang at night is with a Dominican and i get tired of paying his bill (he's essentially my wingman and bodyguard). Maybe someone else can hang with me and chat up some middle class ladies. I'm laid back, calm, and 39 yo (from Philadelphia)
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    working class-middle class bars and place north of calle de sol

    Hello....Im trying to find spots to hang out and I hear that above calle de sol is the best spot. Id like to find safe places with possibly some english speakers and working dominicans..... I guess you could say a place to chat it up and maybe meet a few people in time..... Im not looking for...
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    does anyone know any safe bars-places to hang out at night in santiago to meet locals

    Im thinking aloha sol is a good bet since i stayed there and noticed they have a bar in the back I hope to be able to scan a room and try to find a woman to talk with in my broken spanish ha Im going to use the internet and mall for the day since I cant really speak spanish in the last, yet.
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    Hi people on dr1

    iM Jeff. I had a profile last summer but cant remember the name and password Im in santiago this time. Last time I was in Santo Domingo twice...including hurricane emily...... I want to learn more about the culture, speaking spanish, meeting women in safe environments......and eating good food...
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    anybody want to hang out in santiago.I?m looking to go somewhere safe in day-night

    Hi...IM Jeff. I was on this site last summer buy cant access my old account. I was in santo domingo and met up with 2 members..... Im looking to find ways to meet decent ppl and hang out at night. Id love to meet a woman whos a regular type of girl....... Im laid back and professional.....from...