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    TV Via Internet

    This doesn't work on Roku??
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    What I learned from being in a coma for 10 days in the the hospital with covid

    So you illegally travelled back to your home country with false documents, knowing you were Covid positive to save your own ass, without giving a shit for anyone that you came in contact with. You are a wonderful human being.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    That would be ideal indeed.
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    EdeNorte customers - want to know when your luz goes off??

    One of the things that has bugged me for years is that I never knew when street power was going off and coming back on. Pain in the arse when using heavy load equipment and street power goes!!! Well you want to know when EdeNorte will turn off your power???? Check out EdeNorte's website and...
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    Daisy Jamieson-Hall is here!!!!!!!!!!

    Many congratulations to Simon & Nicky who at 7.08 am this morning brought their new daughter, Daisy weighing 8lbs 4oz, into the world. Actually it was just Nicky and some doctors but Simon did watch and has consequently spent the rest of the day recovering hopefully in time for mucho Guinness...
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    Robbery at gunpoint

    On Friday MORNING some people I know were robbed at gunpoint in their house just outside Cabarete. They are retired and have lived here for 5 years and take all the usual security precautions, bars on windows, dog etc. and a watchyman armed with a pump action shotgun. So what happened... The...
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    Dog AWOL

    My 100lb female Japanese Akita went missing some time Saturday night/yesterday morning from Islabon. (It was a full moon!) She has long hair and her colouring is black face, black coat with white speckled belly and white legs. Don't have a pic but Akitas have a tail that curls up over their...
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    River erosion control

    Has anyone got any long lasting erosion control ideas using materials or contractors that are available on the North coast. Have searched high and low for gabion suppliers but no luck. Would build a series of retaining walls but am concerned that the excessive rains we've experienced in the last...
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    departure tax at POP

    just for info 2 weeks ago from POP to NY on American my departure tax was $20US, yesterday it was only $11US????????????
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    opinion on cost Cabarete oceanfront lot

    Hi all we are planning to move to DR and have been lurking on this board for a long time, using it as a great info tool so thanks to all the regular posters ( your insights have been invaluable)but now it's time to act so 1st post here. We recently visited DR (and caught up with Bushbaby -...