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  1. billma90

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    The AI resort is just to sleep , eat and rest between outings to the city, malecon, barrio. Trapped on a AI resort, not my idea of a vacation. Just me though, i know most vacationers just stay on the resort 24/7. Waiting for the all clear here and away i go. I am guessing with a little luck...
  2. billma90

    Vlad Jr

    I am very surprised not to read about the exciting night in Montreal last night against the Cardinals. No one see it?
  3. billma90

    Best hotel in Puerto Plata for 2 week stay

    I am planning to vacation again in Puerto Plata again for two weeks. Besides AI hotels what hotel would you recommend that is in Puerto Plata or close. Looking for a place to stay and not have to worry about things missing from my room (passport) decent security and with a fairly safe...
  4. billma90

    Good breakfast place in Puerto Plata

    Are there any good places in Puerto Plata to go for breakfast. Not tourist places. I know breakfast is included in the AI but it is fun to get out and explore a bit more. I've been to Puerto Plata many times but don't have a clue about a decent morning breakfast place. Thanks.:nervous:
  5. billma90

    Fire at the Iberostar in Puerto Plata yesterday?

    Has anyone heard anything about a fire at the Iberostar, i heard there were many fire trucks there. thanks DV8 for the instructions :)
  6. billma90

    Taking back coffee

    I used to bring Santo Domingo coffee back with me, but i kept getting called downstairs at the airport to open my suitcase. Probably thinking it was drugs. Since then i found the coffee here and also it is the same price or even cheaper here. No more filling the suitcase for me with coffee. Now...
  7. billma90

    Casino open again, and disco (Pure) soon

    I have heard the casino has reopened again that is located between the Be Live and Iberostar hotels. Also the disco will open sometime in the middle of December with different owners. FYI for whoever might care. I will go back to the Iberostar again now, the girl watching at night walking by the...
  8. billma90

    curious about the baseball stadium in POP

    Everytime i come to POP i go by the baseball stadium but there never seems to be any games going on. Does it ever get used? Maybe because i only come in April and October? Seems such a waste.
  9. billma90

    new and looking for info on youth baseball

    I am coming to Puerto Plata on Oct 3rd for a 4th visit. I enjoy watching youth baseball as my son also plays. (he is 10) Is there any organized baseball this time of year and if so where? This is a great forum for information. p.s. coming from Toronto.. thanks,