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    Boca Chica?

    Any recent news from Boca Chica? Any members are there now?
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    N 95 -?

    Where to buy N 95 in the South ?
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    Apricot kernels

    Our apricot kernels are about to finish. Where do you supply your stock?
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    To stay. 60 or 90 days -?

    Hi! It is a bit confusing. How many days are allowed to stay now without residence? 60 or 90 ? Or it depends on nationality?
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    To buy a vehicle

    A friend has recently relocated. He wants to buy a used vehicle. THAT DID NOT HAVE ANY DOMINICAN OWNER. An absolute condition. Any suggestions, please?
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    Marriage Certificate. Apostille - ?

    Dominican Title company wants our MC with apostille and translation into Spanish. How to do it? In the USA and mail to the DR? Or bring the MC to the DR and do it here? Or else?
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    Commission for property manager - ?

    What is an habitual common % commission for a property manager? Condo.
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    Property manager in Boca Chica ?

    Can you recommend one please?
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    Goat milk - ?

    Please! Where to buy goat milk? In the South if possible. Thank you !!!
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    SDQ Uber with US SIM-card

    What is the current situation? Is it possible to reliably get an Uber in SDQ airport with a US SIM card in the smartphone? Negotiating a "non-gringo" price with those taxistas every time is EXTREMELY unpleasant.
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    Shipping used furniture from USA - ?

    How to do it? Did anyone do? What shipping company to engage? How much to expect to pay? Thank you, my dear friends!
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    How to ship a container/bulk to DR?

    How to ship some bulky stuff like furniture from Florida? Any ideas, or options, or experience or a recommended shipping company? Please advise, friends!
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    Buying a condo. Lawyer?

    Is a lawyer needed when buying an existing condo? From a private owner. With the Titulo in hands. In an established Association. If so, please recommend one in SD-Boca Chica area.
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    Auto parts store near Malecon ?

    Dear men and women! Any big auto parts store more or less near Malecon? Thank you!!
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    Uber/ Lyft in the DR?

    Uber/Lyft in this country? Do they operate in the DR? SDQ "Taxistas" - OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!
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    whining about restaurant taxes

    Charging 27% on a meal plus 10% and plus another 20% - is not a good way to do business and to treat us. With their greed they kill the hen with golden eggs!
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    Where to buy a good used furniture in the South?

    Anything like Craigslist or else?
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    Almond flour

    Almost out of almond flour! Where to buy at least a few pounds? We are on Keto. Losing weight and body fat like crazy. The more you eat the fattiest pork = the thinner and thinner you are. VVAT !!
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    ACV - ??!!

    Our ACV stock is coming to the end. Where to buy in this country? Raw, organic, not-filtered !! With Mother!
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    Rent car scam

    Our vehicle is in repair. We booked a rent car online for this time. Specifically paid with a Credit Card that offers a free rent car insurance. When arrived to the Rent car office to pick up the car they refused to honor the CC insurance. Did not allow us to decline. And refused to release the...