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    ? bastardo pop ?

    <tbody> El hijo bastardo del pop nos trae una fiesta audiovisual y exposici?n de carteles en serigraf?a. M?sica de: Karibik Underwater /// Dam!beer /// Pablo Dal? /// El Cuarto El?stico Djset. all bastards welcome. $150 P / P Lugar: La Casona de la Zona. Padre Billini esq. Isabel la...
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    Amalgama Clothing Bazaar @ Cinema Cafe (4pm today)

    Es hora de compartir en un evento en el que todos podremos aportar nuestro granito de arena; una tarde de arte, m?sica y compras. Te invitamos a asistir a la Primera Edici?n del Bazar Amalgama, pronosticado para el Domingo 22 de Abril Cinema Caf? de 4:00 a 10:00 PM. Tendr?s: Fotograf?a, m?sica...
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    Happy Days Hotel in Cabarete - Phone Number?

    Anyone have contact information for this hotel? Hotels Cabarete; Happy Days Hotel Cabarete
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    Non-AI Bavaro Hotels

    Hello East Coast, I'm going to this: on Saturday with friends. Can anyone suggest a regular hotel close to Jellyfish? We are poor young people! We do not want an AI, and we are perfectly happy to stay in places some may scoff at for...
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    Semana Dedicada a Alfred Hitchcock

    Facebook Event Page A week of Alfred Hitchcock at Rinc?n Del Cine (Las Mercedes #261, entre las calles 19 de Marzo y Jos? Reyes.) Each film is 100 pesos, and I'm going tonight for sure to see Psycho!
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    SDQ - CPH w/o USA stopover

    Any tips on getting to Denmark WITHOUT transiting through the USA? I have two employees travelling (1 Dominican, 1 Haitian), and my boss just quit :( Airlines? Sites? Anything is helpful at this point! :)
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    Dominican Palace of "Justice"

    I laughed.... hence the clown bin.
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    Favourite Drinking Spot?

    Hi, Anyone willing to share their favourite spot to get a drink in the city? Disco, bar, colmado... doesn't matter :) Hoping to increase my options!
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    Caribbean fashion week 2011

    In case you didn't see it in the calender: Fashion Week in May - DR1 Calendar If you are bored this weekend, you now have something to do!
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    My Life Here

    Sights in Santo Domingo and beyond.
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    Does the good outweigh the bad? (My Story)

    Hello All, Before I get to my question, some background about me: I'm 27 y/o (male) I live in the capital, and I moved here when I was 25. I'm from Canada originally (outside Toronto, Ontario). I originally came for 6 months to help transfer some company business. I lived in the...
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    Santo Domingo Housing

    Hello, I hate to create a new thread, but I did search :) I'm looking for a new apartment. I'm currently living in Gazcue in a 2BD 2BATH apartment. I'm moving in early March, and I'm looking for the following - 2 bedrooms - 2 full bath (2 showers, one doesn't have to be a masterbath) -...