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    Dominican woman lands in Miami and sent to MEN'S jail

    Miami.- A Dominican woman who was arrested upon arrival at Miami in 2013 and mistakenly held in a county lockup for male inmates will sue Miami-Dade County for US$5.0 million, NBC reports Tuesday. The network sent a reporter to Bonao (central), to interview Fior Pichardo de Veloz, although the...
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    Florida couple accused of running sex resort in Dominican Republic

    Jennifer and Alfred Cotten, of Fort Myers, Florida, have been charged with promoting prostitution; the couple is accused of running a sex tourism operation that set up customers with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. The married couple was arrested after a 10-month investigation into...
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    Gold Bullion

    The DR is one of the top ten gold producing countries in the world. Are there any places where gold bullion coins are bought and sold wholesale (or retail) in the DR?
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    If You Like Delicious Chicken Wings - Sosua

    The Rumba at the corner of Pedro Clisante and Dr. Rosen in Sosua has just opened a restaurant which serves the best wings in town. I had them and they were delicious. They have other things on the menu but the wings are to die for. Chris, a retired doctor from the US, is the chef with his...
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    Home Safes are Magnets for Thieves

    These days having a home safe is like hanging a sign on the front door that says, "Rob Me!" Given all the recent robberies we've been hearing about, the urge to hoard all one's valuables in a home safe might be pounding mightily. And you wouldn't be the only one, judging from grocery to...
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    Best Mail Service on the North Coast

    Who: Banker Trust Location: Sosua, on Pedro Clisante (Next to Banco Santa Cruz) Phone: (809) 571-4622 Why: I've used three different services over the years and have found this one to be the least expensive while offering delivery times at least as good and in some cases better than the others...
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    Does anyone know if part time gardners are covered under the labor department liquidation scheme?
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    Another person killed last night

    Sunday and especially Sunday night around dusk is the most dangerous time to be on DR roads, especially while riding a two wheeled vehicle. Another person was killed last night on that notoriously hazardous stretch between Cabrete and Sosua near Breezes Resort. Apparently, he was struck from...
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    Best Apartments in Santiago

    Does anyone know where the best upscale rental apartments are in Santiago?
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    Santiago Apartments For Rent

    Does anyone know of any upscale, quality apartments for rent in Santiago?
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    Beware of Cut-Rate Surgery in the D.R.

    :ermm: In New York City, the reports started coming in early this year. Women went to their doctors complaining of boils, swelling and red splotches on their skin. They had developed fevers, infections and horrible pain. Many had severe scars. In recent months, doctors have traced the problems...
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    Forced Dollarization

    If our beloved Leonel's economic policies do not succeed, don't be surprised by U.S. intervention and forced dollarization. Before many of you say this couldn't happen, keep in mind that the U.S. has a long history of intervention in DR affairs ... 1904 U.S. sends customs agents to take over...
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    Dominican Citizenship for Foreigners

    It's been reported that the current government has rammed through legislation recently which provides foreigners with expedited citizenships. Does anyone know what the requirements and costs involved are?
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    US Troop build up in the Dominican Republic

    A generally reliable source indicated that currently there is a US troop build up in the Dominican Republic. I personally saw four large Huey Helicopters over Sosua last weekend. The public rationale is that the US is taking part in military exercises that are scheduled to last until the middle...
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    Tax Accountant for US Citizens

    A US citizen is obliged to file a US income tax return regardless of the duration of any absence from the US. :ermm: Does anyone know of an accountant in the DR who is familiar with US tax law and can assist in filing a return? Most people who leave their home country, such as the UK for...
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    DR Nurse

    I have need to hire a local nurse for in-home care of an 85 year old man who's recently suffered a stroke. Ideally, I'd like someone to live in. How much might I expect to pay for such services and where would I find qualified personnel?
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    San Francisco Hotel

    What are the best hotels to stay in while visiting San Francisco?