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    Car & Driver

    I am interested in renting a car in POP but I would also like a driver. I am from the middle of no where in Ontario and hate driving in cities like Toronto or even smaller ones. I have also read the posts regarding newbies not driving in the DR. Any suggestions? I have met a few locals...
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    Feb 5?

    What holiday takes place on February 5th? I believe they celebrate it in Mexico also, so I am assuming it is not a national holiday. Curious as I am hoping to be in POP that week.
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    Too True

    A drunk staggered up to a motorist working on his car. ''Whassamatter pal?'' said the drunk. ''Piston broke,'' sighed the motorist. ''Me too,'' groaned the drunk. ''Me too.''
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    Seperation of Assets

    While reading the posts I noted that a separation of assets agreement is recommended for those contemplating marriage to a person from the Dominican Republic. My question is do you have the agreement prepared and executed in your country of origin or in the DR to ensure it is legal?