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  1. Patti Shabaga

    Medical Insurance

    Hi! Can a tourist purchase medical insurance in the DR? I don't believe there is covid related coverage for travelers from Canada. I'm curious as to what others are doing while travelling within the country, and perhaps there is something available that I am unaware of? Thank you
  2. Patti Shabaga

    Dominicans Travelling Abroad

    Hello, Does anyone know what countries in the Caribbean a Dominican citizen can travel to without a visa?
  3. Patti Shabaga

    Duty Free

    Hi again, Is there a duty free where one can buy cigarettes when exiting the airport in Puerto Plata? Thanks again!
  4. Patti Shabaga

    Non Alcoholic Beer

    Hello! Does anyone know if I can purchase non alcoholic beer in Puerto Plata, and if so, where? Thanks, Patti.
  5. Patti Shabaga

    Construction In The Colonial Zone

    Hello, I have been informed that there is quite a bit of construction in the Colonial Zone. Is it quite an eyesore? Also does it make it hard to get around on foot? I will be visiting next week and I am so looking forward to returning to the beautiful DR.