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  1. BermudaRum

    President Medina cops out of inaugural

    Well at least he's (Medina) consistent, he never showed up after his two Inaugural days either (n)
  2. BermudaRum

    When you are an idiot...

    For being in her words. reckless 🤣 🤣
  3. BermudaRum

    The future of Sosua

    ......that and in a thread called, The Future of Sosua🤣
  4. BermudaRum

    Air arrivals required to prove they are negative to Covid-19, or take blood test upon arrival

    Oh the good ole random testing, 1st 8 your good to go, next 2 get tested, repeat and wash😷
  5. BermudaRum

    The future of Sosua

    I agree, like in 2005 -2014, when Sosua was the place to party, and where the locals from POP to Sabaneta outnumbered the tourist/expats when it came to weekend street parties. Live Bachata, Merengue, Raggoton, Presidente, Brugal, Booty shaking, and more importantly it was fun for all. Yes...
  6. BermudaRum

    DR reopens to tourism

    Not according to the president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores), Paola Rainieri....
  7. BermudaRum

    No caddies allowed on golf course. Bummer.

    Which courses are you talking about? FYI, I understand caddies are walking behind the players still at Playa Dorada.
  8. BermudaRum

    The future of Sosua

    trust me, your being too kind ;)
  9. BermudaRum

    Sunday Night in The Dr. After 90+ Day Curfew

    Noise I can handle, use the paper napkins from the cold beer bottle to block eardrums. Music as long as its merengue, Tipico. or bachata which works well dancing with those sheiking chicas... Fun for all, mask 100% required, hand sanitizer in the pocket, along with the gold label wrap or two for...
  10. BermudaRum

    Leonel Fernández: Zero tolerance to corruption

    OP, this should have been posted on Funny Friday's Joke Section;)
  11. BermudaRum

    Tourism in DR could restart with PGA Tour in September

    2020 PGA Fall Revised Schedule. SEP 17 - 20 2020 U.S. Open .... Winged Foot GC, Mamaroneck, NY SEP 25 - 27 2020 Ryder Cup......Whistling Straits, Kohler, WI *SEP 24 - 27 2020 Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship Corales Golf Club, Punta Cana, DOM *Hopefully spectators...
  12. BermudaRum

    Presidential campaign focuses on how drug trafficking has penetrated governments and politics

    It can only be a failure if it actually existed ;)
  13. BermudaRum

    US Customs seizes US$6 million cocaine shipment on Santo Domingo-San Juan ferry

    Why spend a lot of money on duffel bags that you want to be found. As for the other shipments not located on the same voyage, expensive containers which are better hidden are always used.
  14. BermudaRum

    The future of Sosua

    It certainly adds life to The Future of Sosua. ;)
  15. BermudaRum

    how is cabarete doing?

    You should always carry a backup, better to be safe than sorry....
  16. BermudaRum

    This is what your next holiday abroad might look like....

    Maybe this could be the new norm for PC and Samana?
  17. BermudaRum

    Cruise Ships

    Most of them at this time are repositioning to Miami or Puerto Rico a day or 2 for supplies than returning with whatever staffing levels to Haiti, and off Bahamas where they have their own private beaches and set up. A friend of mine's son is having a great time living for the last few months...