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    Cost of electricity

    In New York, I seen these prices. It depends by state but in NY if you use $200 of electricity, your total bill is like $425. The extra $225 is for delivery
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    Cost of electricity

    Hi All, Just wondering what is the cost of electricity per kilowatts in the DR? In the US, they charge u 0.10 cents usage and 0.15 delivery for total of 0.25 cents per kw per hour. Yes, the delivery is more than actually electricity you use. Brunch of thieves . How much is total cost of...
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    credit cards in DR

    I heard about the Schwab bank card. Is the exchange rate calculated by Charles and schwap or by the ATM bank in DR when u withdraw money from ATM?
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    credit cards in DR

    Yeah, this is a problem. Going back to USA to get a card.
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    credit cards in DR

    Did The credit card company sent it to DR? Were there any charges like shipping and handling?
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    credit cards in DR

    Yeah I hear that getting bank account is a hassle. If popular bank ate your card, don't they have someone available to open ATM and retrieve it? You bring a good point, what are the options when ATM eats your card? Go back to USA and get one?
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    credit cards in DR

    Hi everyone, I have a question about credit cards. I read online that some people like to use their USA credit cards and ask cashier they want to pay in pesos. Others like to get a DR credit card and pay for purchase. I hear that getting credit card in DR is a hassle especially if u just move...
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    Jury Duty

    Hi Everybody, I have a question for those who moved to DR from The states. I'm assuming after moving to the DR You still visit the states once in a while. If you do, Then I'm also assuming you guys keep an ID or driver licence active. If that is the case, then at one point you will get jury...
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    Debit and credit card in DR

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone uses their USA/EUR Debit or credit card in the DR. I'm planning to retire in DR. My bank in US doesn't charge me any international fees for credit card and no ATM or exchange rate for debit withdrawal. They reimburse Any fees charge by other banks. My plan is...
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    electric car in DR

    Hi everyone, i am planning to buy an electric car in the states and send it to DR. I know that in DR there are no electric station to charge the car. however, i am trying to install a 240w charger station i saw in amazon in my house in las vegas and use it to charge the car. does anyone has...
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    hi to all, questions about living in DR

    Hi all, i am a new member and i finally decided to join the forum. i always read and follow this forum for about 1 year. lots of useful info and funny stories. i am dominican born and raised in DR. i came to the US in the earliest 90s. i been here since then and sometimes visit DR. things...