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    Barrio Map of Puerto Plata

    Does anybody have a better barrio map? In particular, is there a "barrio popular" and where would it be? Or, is that just a popular barrio without naming which one? I found this one, but the resolution is awful.
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    Window Fans -- why not?

    Apologies in advance as this borders on the inane, but why don't dominicans use window fans? The wind dies at night, but it usually comfortable outside, but still warm inside the brick/cement houses. Also, my GF is downright religious about locking all the windows when leaving the house, so...
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    Puerto Plata

    Any recommendations for a doctor for a suspected intestinal obstruction? (not me). I need to get her in for TAC /CAT, but I suspect surgery is her next stop.
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    Puerto Plata Pharmacy

    Looks like everybody closed at 3pm. Anybody know of one open later hours?
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    40lb package from states

    Is EPS still a decent way to send such a package? Recommendations?
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    Rampant Inflation

    I hear frequent complaints about prices going up. Looks like peso lost ground against the dollar, but not enough to account for inreases in chicken, etc. Any insights?
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    Puerto Plata - O2 Concentrator.

    My O2 concentrator needs some maintenance. It's not life or death, but man, I sleep so much better with it. I feel so much better. Anybody know of rentals, service, sales in the area?
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    Just saying,...

    You guys are mean to each other. Why not take it easy and quit using each others posts for ammunition? I joined back after a few years, but the constant bickering is a serious turn off.
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    Inverter Sales

    I find myself in need of an inverter for a 400 Watt AC device (which has a compressor). Any recommendations in Puerto Plata? I could make a trip to Santiago Pricesmart.
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    Pasola Recommendations

    Just looking for a workhorse to get around on. Any classifieds for gringos? Recommendations? Puerto Plata.
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    Another one bites the dust

    So, I wrote about this guy earlier. Gringo, black, english accent, no spanish, but it turns out he's of Jamaican origin but spent a lot of time in Britain. I'm not a judge a male beauty, but he is gangly and there seems to be consensus among the women that he is, well, ugly. I never did...
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    DR World leader in C sections per birth
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    Police Kill Window washer - July 18 2018

    I can't find any follow ups to this death. Any body know? Apparently, police were called when a window washer was aggressive in asking for money. Definitely graphic, use caution. A longer report...
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    Book DR Geology??

    Recommendations, please? Spanish, ok. Interested in the north coast geology. I always assumed limestone, but the road excavations look much more like Tuft (volcanic debris).
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    Used Furniture - Twin bed for boy - Puerto Plata

    Can anybody recommend a good store for furniture? Just looking for something for a 13 yr old and one store quoted me 30k RD. s
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    Hip Replacement Surgery

    Any ideas or suggestions? My insurance is US based, but I thought I'd price out the RD version.
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    Massage Therapist

    Looking for a professional deep-muscle thrapist. (Not the tourist fluff and buff). Male or female, as long as they are strong.
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    What is ricazon or picazon?

    I think these are just generic words for itching. However, in the barrio, a large number of people have pimple like bumps that itch to distraction, but eventually disappear. I think they are the obvious: ant bites. But I've been told emphatically that it is some sort of virus. It...
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    Padre Granero: Life after Hatians

    So, our neighborhood was repeatedly visited by immigration and it's fair to say they did their job well because I'm unaware of a single illegal living here. If they are, they need to hide indoors day and night which doesn't make for happy existence. These people were poor,, blamed for all...
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    DR Kid to go to School

    What would it take to get a dominican kid to Florida to attend a year of public schools?